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Royal Vegas Retreat - Las Vegas, USA - Nov. 19th - 21st 2021

GHOST GiRL GOODS makes it's first official guest appearance in America!!

The GHOST GiRL GOODS team was invited to be special guests at Pretty Princess Club's first major, in-person event: Royal Vegas Retreat. The event was a fun filled weekend of fashion, mostly lolita, but also some assorted J-Fashion! Various indie designers were present, alongside fashion guests such as Lovely Lor and FluffyKawaiiJo (and a bunch more!)

RVR Website | Pretty Princess Club Instagram

We arrived the Wednesday before the event to enjoy a bit of the Las Vegas strip. Both Kyelor and I went to Las Vegas when we were younger, but dont remember too much from those times. So this is our first official "I'm-old-enough" trip!

We stayed at the Excalibur hotel, which is A BIG, MEDIEVAL CASTLE HOTEL!! It also had a dinner show like Medieval Times that we went to watch. It was a great show and the food was also yummy!

On Thursday, we transferred over to our event hotel room at the MGM Grand, picked up our passes, and then enjoyed the evening. On this day we discovered 2 amazing treasures: The Hello Kitty Cafe and an AMAZING arcade called Game Nest. I deep dive into those two places in this blog post!

Friday's shopping kicked off early in the morning for VIPs, and then open to general admission. It was also the day of the J-Fashion Fashion Show and GHOST GiRL panel! I was the MC at the fashion show and, as usual, did my best to get everyone as hyped as possible! I think it worked! (I made everyone do the wave haha!) After the fashion show was the GHOST GiRL panel, where only a few people came to. We turned it into a nice, little circle chit-chat instead and I showed everyone my power point from my laptop!

Here are all the looks from the fashion show:

(Scroll and click an image on the left to view larger on the right)

Check out the j-Fashion fashion show video that FluffyKawaiiJo created.

Saturday, I MC'd the lolita fashion show, which showcased looks from FluffyTori, Kuroshiro Kawaii's various brands, The Black Ribbon and more. The highlight of the show: we all had to appreciate pockets in garments that indie designers add, so everyone said an "OOO! AAAHH!" when they saw a pocket. Everyone got an A+!

Check out the lolita fashion show video that FluffyKawaiiJo created.

I snapped a bunch of photos of the vendors hall also! There were so many cute creations and products available to purchase!! Kyelor got a cute print and Pokemon eeveelution sticker pack from our table neighbors Star Sweets , who were super kind and kawaii!! They also sold adorable accessories and pins~! Check out their Etsy shop!

You can check all the vendors from the event here.

Sunday was the final day for our booth, which included the tea party also. I had to make sure I not only thanked Nif, the organizer of the event, but also had everyone do one final group wave! It was my goodbye to everyone haha! I forgot to snap a picture of the scones, but I got the sandwiches and desserts. The raspberry macaron was SO YUMMY!

Here are a few customer snaps we got along the whole weekend. (We forgot to take more!!)

Thank you to everyone who supported us!

After not having gone to an event for so long, it was so great to finally be back. Selling our products, meeting new customers, making new friends, and sharing laughs and smiles. It felt so good to have that again. Not only that, but it was Kyelor's first time helping out with the GHOST GiRL GOODS table at a full weekend event and it was really nice to have that support, willingness, and enthusiasm from him! It was so nice to hear people acknowledge both of us and I'm so looking forward to having the GHOST GiRL dynamic duo move forward and attend more events!!! Thank you to everyone who passed by the booth, purchased something, grabbed a business card, followed us on Instagram, or laughed at my silly antics on stage!!! We are so thankful and grateful to have a following of supportive people and we look forward to seeing familiar faces again and meeting new ones along the way!

Until next time, BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM.

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