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Our Vegas Jackpot - Hello Kitty Cafe and Game Nest

Aside from our fabulous weekend at Royal Vegas Retreat, Kyelor and I both wanted that little cherry on top from Las Vegas and I think we both came out winners! (Unfortunately, no jackpot winnings from the casino LOL) BUT we each found a special place that added a lot more excitement to our trip!

Hello Kitty Cafe

I could NOT believe that I was SO CLOSE to completely missing out on the Hello Kitty Cafe! I did not know about it's Vegas location prior to arriving and only found out about it because I saw a person holding a bag in the Coca-Cola store. I thought it was a Sanrio store and then told Kyelor lets find the store! We searched it on google and LOW AND BEHOLD: It was the Hello Kitty Cafe!!

I wanted to go IMMEDIATELY of course! We finished in the store and started our search. It was just across the street, lucky us! As soon as I saw the big, pink truck, I let out an "EEEEEE!" or a "THERE IS IT!" I forget which haha! We went over, but because we had some plans to go to the arcade (see below), we didn't grab any sweet treats... YET! (Just a t-shirt and keychain) The staff working were super friendly and sweet!!

We returned later that evening to grab goodies and they were yummy in our tummies! I obviously chose the Gudetama donut and the colourful present cake. Kyelor chose the Hello Kitty shaped strawberry pastry. We didn't eat them all in one sitting, I promise!

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Game Nest

Before going to Vegas, Kyelor was hoping we could find some arcades to play at while on our trip. He was specifically on a mission to find the official Initial D racing games....very rare and hard to find! Apparently there used to be several around our area in Ontario, but those arcades closed down or they removed the game machines out of the venue. When we arrived in Vegas, we did a google search and, to our surprise, we discovered Game Next, which had photos of Initial D Zero as one of their top search images!! We planned our journey, hopped in our uber, and arrived to this small wonderland of Japanese imported arcade games!!! Initial D 3 and Zero, Project Diva, Taiko No Tatsujin, Cho Chabudai Gaeshi (aka the Table Flipping Game), Dance Dance Revolution, various rhythm games, a bunch of TVs set up for console gaming, some computers for PC gaming...I can keep going on and on!!

This spot was LOADED with amazing games and they are all FREE TO PLAY! You pay an admission fee for the hour, and can add on hours for just $5.00! There is even a day pass thats TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! They offer some candies, drinks and snacks as well.

The staff? They were all super friendly when Kyelor and I asked them many questions and squeed with excitement, telling them we were from out of town and MEGA EXCITED to be there! (And to be honest, they were just fellow weebs like us haha!!) So Kyelor spent most of his time playing Initial D, making sure not to hog the game of course, but get his fill. I documented his plays haha! We also enjoyed DDR, which allowed you to select songs from multiple versions of DDR!!!! In total, we went to Game Nest 3 times on our trip!

We can't wait to return to Vegas someday so we can enjoy these nice places again!!! Hopefully nothing changes with them while we are gone! WAIT FOR OUR RETURN!!!


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