Capturing the movement of dance, the sounds of music, and my passion for Japanese culture and fashion into each and every garment.



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Hi! Im . . .

Ghost girl

Canadian Kawaii Ambassador for 6%DOKIDOKI / Kawaii Committee Chair for Japan Festival Canada

I'm the owner of GHOST GiRL GOODS! I love to dance and perform while spreading happiness and positive energy to all. Each garment I create has my energy inside it! I am working hard as an ambassador of kawaii in Canada and hope to continue to spread kawaii around the world.

My goal is to remove labels from clothing. I want to embrace that clothing is more than just something you put on your body. Clothing does not have a gender. It's a way to express ourselves freely. Its a means of connection. It's community. If we are able to appreciate everyone's differences, then we can happily live in harmony, fashionably!

My slogan "BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM." encourages people to be themselves and fear "blending in to the crowd". Be who you are every day of your life! Use your clothing as a way to express YOU and feel confident while doing it.

2020 events

2020 events

World Lolita Collection: Brilliant Decoration - February 1st - 2nd [Shinjuku/Ikebukuro, Japan]

AniBrave Virtual Idol Fest - August 22nd [The Internet, in the comforts of your home]


Virtual Japan Festival - August 29th [The Internet, in the comforts of your home]

Royal Vegas Online - November 13th - 15th [The Internet, in the comforts of your home]

2021 events

2021 events

Yeticon - June 18th - 20th [Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario]

Royal Vegas Retreat - November 19th - 21st [MGM Grand - Las Vegas, USA]


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be strange. fear the norm.