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Hi there! I am the creator of GHOST GiRL GOODS, the Canadian Kawaii Ambassador for 6%DOKIDOKI, and a leader in the Canadian J-Fashion community.  I love to dance and perform while spreading happiness and positive energy to all. Each garment I design uses the energy from my love for dance, music, and Japanese fashion/culture, in hopes you feel it too! GHOST GiRL and friends are our group of mascots, who help to reflect different parts of me while also adding fun to our creations!

Whether you are a new j-fashion lover or have enjoyed fashion for years, GHOST GiRL GOODS was made to bring forth fashion and fun for all! As we continue to travel around the world, our goal is to connect the global J-Fashion and kawaii fashion communities together, while spreading positive energy, confidence, joy, and expression through our creations and events.

Our slogan "BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM." encourages people to be themselves and fear "blending in to the crowd". Be who you are every day of your life! Use your clothing as a way to express YOU and feel confident while doing it. If we are able to appreciate everyone's differences, then we can happily live in harmony, fashionably!

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Interviews, Podcasts, GUEST Appearances!

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Everyone's Year with Ghost Girl Goods - Home Ride Conversation #42
April 2018


Interview with Alexia owner of Ghost Girl Goods
July 2020


Treasurebox Press
More Than a Weeb: Podcast #2 feat. GHOST GiRL GOODS's Alexia!
June 2020

O-Kei!! Podcast
Episode 45 - Event Collaboration with Japanese Designers w/ Alexia aka GHOST GiRL
April 2021

KAWAII REPORTER for Kawaii International
(Video removed. Video summery available)
December 1st 2017

CH Morning Live
for Japan Festival Canada
August 23rd 2018



Sacanime - January 5th - 7th [Sacramento, CA, USA]
Kami-Con - February 9th - 11th [Burmingham, AL, USA]
Anime St. Louis - April 26th - 28th [St. Charles, MO, USA]
Harajuku Day LA - May 4th [Los Angeles, CA, USA]
Anime North - May 24th - 26th [Mississauga, ON, Canada]
Yeticon - June 15th - 16th [Blue Mountain, ON, Canada]

Harajuku Fashion Picnic - Sunday July 14th [Toronto, ON, Canada]
 - August 2nd - 4th [Montreal, QC, Canada]
Anime Magic! - August 30th - Sept. 1st [Chicago, IL, USA]

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