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MINI Digital KAWAII INTERVIEW - Lovely Lor and Holly

I hope everyone is still doing ok and enjoying these little interview blogs! If you want to know more about any specific indie brands, content creators, etc. or even have another idea/suggestion for me, feel free to share your thoughts by contacting us! (Click here for our contact page) Doesn't matter where they are in the world, Ill do my best to have a small interview with them using the power of the internet!

My next digi-view is not with a clothing brand, but with a fashion YouTuber partner duo! They're both great friends of mine and Im happy to have the chance to include them here in my blog.

Lor (right) - Creator of channel LovelyLor

Holly (left) - Her former partner

I met Lor at a lolita meet back in 2013, when she was just visiting Toronto for a short time! It was very brief, but then after she moved to Toronto, I managed to see her again and asked her to help me make a video for Japan Festival Canada in 2018. At G-Anime, I saw her yet again, but this time, got a chance to meet Holly! From there, the friendship started to grow~!

(Some friends in our lolita community, Lor in the middle, and me beside her to the right! )

Lor started making YouTube content around 2010. From "Sh*t Lolita's Say" to convention videos, and more!! Her channel is filled with content for all! Holly started appearing in Lor's videos after their relationship began and continues to join in Lor's videos from time to time! (There is even a playlist for all the videos that Lor and Holly are in together!! You can check out that playlist here)

(Here is a screen shot of the most popular videos on the LovelyLor channel!)

Firstly, I'll start off with some questions I directed to Lor!

I asked Lor what is the most important thing that she wants her viewers to know or feel from her videos.

"I want viewers to feel support and be entertained! I want them to have a place they can come watch cute things anytime ! The world can be a hard place and I want to create content to escape though times. When viewers dress up themselves, I want them to think about me cheering them on if they have any doubts!"

Next, I asked out of all the videos she has made, does she have a favourite? Or does she have a theme she likes to create.

"My favourite videos are definitely my convention and event videos. They are a lot of work but I really enjoy making them! They’re the only videos I will watch again after posting because I enjoy reliving the memories and seeing friends."

As someone who also attends events while trying to create content for my blog, I agree that it is a lot of work while at events, but very rewarding. Simply even remembering to "get footage of" or "ask this person a question" can be very hard because so much is happening and our brains get overwhelmed with joy from being there!

Her most recent con video was when she went to Oni-Con in December!

What are some future plans/projects you have in the works, or simply in the idea phase?

"I have a couple different video series on my channel that I want to continue and expand on! I have some pretty big ideas for my horror story series that I need more people for but I’m hoping to tackle in the future! I really want to do more collaborations and work on larger scale projects with more and more people while maintaining regular uploads. "

Lastly, I asked Lor if she wants to continue to focus mostly on lolita content, or branch out into general J-Fashion. Lor already has many videos that touch up on some other J-fashion/kawaii fashion stuff (For example: her convention videos also cover indie brands that are at the event or specific styles that people are wearing)

"I really want to expand my content into more j-fashion! I tend to default to lolita because it’s what I’m the most experienced in but I really hope I can travel more and collaborate with more people who can teach me about more styles ! I get a lot of requests for different styles but I don’t feel totally comfortable covering them on my own. This is definitely one of my goals for the future and expanding on my channel! "

Lor also has a Patreon, where she uploads behind the scenes videos, bloopers, and other exclusive content! Please take a look and consider showing your support:

Secondly, I'll cover the questions I directed to Holly!

Firstly, I asked Holly if Lor inspires her to work on personal projects or perhaps to work with her more in videos.

"Absolutely! I have on occasion suggested videos Lor and I could do together, but I also never want to feel like I'm forcing an idea on her because it is her channel. I do love creating content with her though. If I had a decent computer I would probably film my own casual content with her, perhaps vlogs or something, maybe one day in the future! "

Recently, Holly and Lor made a fun video together, which was a blind-pick outfit creation!

I popped onto Instagram recently and noticed Holly was doing an InstaLive. So I joined in and noticed a lot of the viewers were asking her about make-up tutorials and if she would do them! I asked for her opinion on this:

"I have been thinking about it more recently. I would maybe film a couple of casual ones for instagram, but nothing too elaborate editing-wise as I don't currently have the means to heavily edit videos. I love doing makeup though, especially gothic lolita makeup, and would love to share more of that with people."

Holly has even modeled for GHOST GiRL GOODS and was part of the New Generation Kawaii Tour last year!


To wrap up this entry, I asked both Lor and Holly what is an important aspect of fashion to them. They each gave their own response:


"I'd say the most important aspect of fashion to me is self-expression. I think for me and a lot of people we don't fully feel like ourselves without being dressed up in our own style. I've always been drawn to gothic things but in gothic lolita I've found a version of myself that feels elevated but also authentic to what I love and who I am." Lor:

"I think the most important aspect is having fun and trying new things! I think it’s ok to look back on outfits and also learn from them without putting yourself down. I think it’s important to experiment with fashion to learn more about yourself and let your style grow! "

Self expression is probably one of the most heard answers I've received whenever asking people about what fashion means to them. I believe it really is because clothing itself is something that can cater to literally anyone in the world, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, walks of life, etc etc! Clothing has no gender and fashion is for everyone!

They uploaded a brand new Q&A video, so please be sure to check that out too!

Thanks for answering you two! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out all LovelyLor's social medias and follow these two lovely ladies on instagram and twitter! Check out our other blog posts on KAWAII INTERVIEWS, events I've attended, and more!

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