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MINI Digital KAWAII INTERVIEW - FluffyKawaiiJo

My birthday is coming up very soon! HORAY! I'd love to host some sort of....virtual birthday party thing if I can figure out what exactly to do haha! ANYWAYS, here at GHOST GiRL HQ, we are looking at different ways to engage the community more and we are working on a fun contest that everyone can enter!! It will involve your open creativity! Please look forward to it~!

In the meantime, my next digi-view is with another lolita fashion YouTuber from Switzerland who also has her own kawaii brand!

Joëlle - YouTuber of FluffyKawaiiJo and owner of Fluffy Tori

Joëlle and I will both be guests at Royal Vegas Retreat in November and we are both looking forward to meeting each other in person there!! Her brand, Fluffy Tori, will also be in the fashion show. I'm excited to see her cute pieces on the runway. By the way, I will actually be MCing the fashion show and I am HYPED!!

(Click the above image to check out more on Royal Vegas Retreat and the organizer Pretty Princess Club)

Joëlle started her YouTube channel in December of 2016. A lot of her content focuses on topics such as questions that people may have about lolita fashion, as well as event videos, unboxing, and more. She has many different playlists and I feel her channel is a great place for people who are just starting out with lolita fashion. Many of your questions can be answered through her videos!

(Here is a screen shot of the most popular videos on the FluffyKawaiiJo channel!)

Actually, we have a similar belief that "Everyone Can Be Kawaii" and when I heard that this was her moto, I felt really good to be able to find out more about what she thinks of that topic. I asked Joëlle to further explain it in her own words and why she wants to share that message with the world:

"After so many people admired how I was dressed but told me “I love it but I could never do it because I’m too fat, old,...” I realized those people were finding themselves excuses to not wear a fashion that would make them happy. Or they thought it was not available or allowed for them because they had a dark skin or were male. And I realized that I had a mission to prove that “Everybody Can Be Kawaii”. And now it’s my joy when someone told me that because I showed them someone that was wearing lolita that they could relate to, now they feel allowed and they started it! So I want as many people as possible to feel fantastic and welcome in the fashion so that the world can be a better place!"

The first section of the FluffyKawaiiJo channel features the "Everyone Can Be Kawaii" video series.

It features many wonderful topics and interviews, and the above video is one of the many! Be sure to check them all out!

I also asked what is her favourite topic of video to create (such as event coverage, interviews, etc.):

"I noticed than on YouTube you have to find the right balance between what people want to see and what you like to make. My favorite videos to make are Action Lolita or my new comedy series. I like ambitious projects and I had planned to attend a workshop at a film school in NYC for a couple of months this summer, but obviously it won’t happen due to covid-19. But what people want to see is when I buy dresses and unbox them. I always feel sad when a video of me showing a dress I bought gets 2-5 times more views that an episode of Action Lolita that I spent hundreds of dollars to produce and 36 hours to edit! But I have to find a balance and do both!"

I completely understand this point that she made. It can also be the same when I design clothing. Something that I really think will work out and design really well perhaps might not get as much attention in comparison to a different piece I make that didn't have that same process. But, I'm sure we can both agree that as long as we put our heart into all our projects, in the end, everything will get some love!

Here is one of the Action Lolita episodes and I think it's FANTASTIC!! I think a lot of people have their own different opinions on lolita fashion, how and when it should be worn, but seeing Joëlle make this video just gives such a fun and fresh perspective on the fact that lolita is still just clothing and we can do whatever we want in it!! (SHE EVEN MADE A THEME SONG!)

I also asked Joëlle what her favourite aspect of fashion is. In this case, she is focusing more on lolita fashion:

"I love the creativity that lolita fashion offers. It’s always a blank canvas and it’s a true art form to create a new coordinate. I never wear the same coordinate. I am looking trying new things with my wardrobe."

As well, something that she is proud of is the studio that she created. It took her a year and a lot of investing to make it the perfect place for her creations. Even though it took a lot of time, energy, and money, she comments "it’s gorgeous and it totally represents my aesthetic!". A good workspace is everything an artist or creator can at least hope for, but a DREAM WORKSPACE is a goal we all have in mind. However, we need to at least be thankful for whatever space we do have in the meantime.

Lastly, I asked Joëlle what her next upcoming video projects/ideas are for her viewers (and potentially new viewers) to look forward to:

"I have a very cool comedy series coming up. It’s skits are set in a world where everyone wears lolita. And the people standing out are the normies. So we created various situations inverting the roles and putting the normies through everything that we have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s really funny because all lolitas will relate to at least one of the situations. My friends Pyl and Maryanne (from Action Lolita) worked a lot on it with me to write the script and the story board. We filmed it a year ago but I am only taking the time to edit it now."

How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing this series, alongside the other videos she plans to come out with!

So for this interview, I focused mainly on asking Joëlle questions on her YouTube channel because I didn't realized (when asking her the questions) that she also had a brand!! I snooped through her channel videos and website to find out what exactly she has created. Fluffy Tori is filled with her kawaii creations, including original lolita print dresses, pins, accessories, and even shoes!

Lastly, Ill end off by sharing this video about how to make a Virtual Lolita Tea Party, especially since we are still stuck inside and unable to attend events! Perhaps it will help you think of ideas on how to start a meet up! (also, it will give me ideas on how I can arrange something for my birthday!)

Thanks for answering Joëlle! Im looking forward to meeting you in November! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out all FluffyKawaiiJo's social medias and patreon! Check out our other blog posts on KAWAII INTERVIEWS, events I've attended, and more!

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