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GHOST GiRL GOODS 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

We've never celebrated a milestone until now!

It's been 5 years since GHOST GiRL GOODS officially launched in 2017. But did you know that Alexia created GHOST GiRL GOODS all the way back in 2014? Big dreams take time, energy, work, ect. Since the start, GHOST GiRL GOODS has grown into something special. Through many successes (and many failures) over the years, both big and small, GHOST GiRL GOODS would not be here without the countless support from our world wide community of friends that we've gained. If you've purchased something from us, met us at an event, left a comment on a photo, followed our social media, ect. we are so thankful to have you here, 5 years later, still showing your support. If you discovered GHOST GiRL GOODS more recently, we welcome you and hope you'll stay for more years to come.

To this day, GHOST GiRL GOODS has worked with Japanese brands and local businesses, showcased our clothing in Japan, and even been invited as a guest to conventions in Canada and the USA! And it only goes up, up, up from here!! We will continue to work our hardest, we will continue to provide people with, not just cool clothes, but a space and sense of community where you feel welcomed as a friend. We hope to inspire others and ignite confidence in everyone's heart. We will continue to encourage you to be yourself and embrace your differences with our motto BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM. We hope that our mascots can bring you joy and can be relatable to you in your daily life. All in all, GHOST GiRL GOODS wants to provide a positive overall experience for you. Thank you everyone!

We've reflected over our journey from the very start of it all and recorded it in a blog series which we hope to continue as we continue!

Check out our very first fashion shows, all the way up to 2020:

Now for the FUN! To celebrate this 5 year anniversary, we will be making some special announcements! More details will come for each . . .

To start our celebration, we will return the GHOSTOWN PARADE Zip Tees, which will feature a refreshed design and a brand new limited colourway! We will also introduce a pleated skirt with the GHOSTOWN PARADE Night Time print. (We've released the pre-orders already and will have these items available on our site and at events coming up)

A full collection of character socks! Our previously made socks were a hit and we heard your calls!

A new collaboration collection with our friend and special guest artist Kristine of YouAreReadingThis is coming soon. If you are a fan of our Bubble Tees collection, you'll LOVE what we have in store for you! We will be previewing these designs to everyone throughout October/November and we aim to release them closer to the end of 2022! (November/December)

★ To wrap up our 5th year anniversary celebration, we will be hosting an in-store event at Supermoon Japanese Style Cheesecake, who is also celebrating their 5th year anniversary too! This is a celebration of celebrations, so let us know what YOU are celebrating! Birthday? Anniversary? Friendship? Whatever it is, we want to celebrate it with you! This event will be held on Saturday, November 5th. We will be creating a special collab t-shirt and stickers to commemorate this milestone, and we will also hold a prize draw!

We can't wait to celebrate 5 years of success and support with you! Thank you all once again for all your tremendous support!



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