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"Bubble Tees" with Honey Hitman (YouAreReadingThis)

My awesome friend Honey Hitman and I came together to create the bubble tees collection!

We are highschool friends who love each other's work!! Because of this, we came together to create a tasty collection of colourful tees, packaged like Bubble Tea (cup, lid, straw, CHECK!)

More About Honey Hitman (YouAreReadingThis)

Honey Hitman also works as a game developer/concept artist for indie games and is currently working on many projects. She also takes art commissions via instagram and deviantart. She even runs her own table at conventions, where she will sell her prints. You can see her work via her social media links (which are located above) Some examples of her fan art work are below! Her bright and colourful prints are bold and fun, and they really POP with colour and style!

(Click to view larger)

Our Bubble Tee Menu!

BUBBLE TEES = Bubble Tea T-Shirts! (HEHEHE!)

The menu includes 7 different flavours!! We hope that you enjoy them all~

She will also be an exclusive special collections artist for GHOST GiRL GOODS!! You can sometimes find her at our tables at local events and conventions.

Please look forward to more collaborations with Honey Hitman!!

Honey Hitman SNS

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