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GHOST GiRL GOODS: Then and Now - a fashion show timeline! [Part 2]

This is a multi-part blog series! Be sure to check out Part 1 here!

Welcome back for PART 2 of my fashion show journey! In this blog, we will go through all my shows in 2018! With having GHOST GiRL GOODS running for 1 year officially prior to 2018, this is a great way to see how many things I was able to achieve!

Let's begin~

G-Anime Fashion Show - January 2018

Another fun year at G-Anime~! It was really fun going to G-Anime because it was kind of a "this was the con where GHOST GiRL premiered at" sort of deal! I was showcasing a new cardigan sample!

(Photos taken by attendee of the fashion show. Models: @stella.luna.cos, @princeoffluffey, @omglitters, @monsterseika, and myself)


(Video by Francis)

Anime North Fashion Show - May 2018

The fashion show moved to another building and the stage was MUCH nicer~! In this show, I was showcasing the cardigan sample from G-Anime in addition to a black one!