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GHOST GiRL GOODS: Then and Now - a fashion show timeline! [Part 2]

This is a multi-part blog series! Be sure to check out Part 1 here!

Welcome back for PART 2 of my fashion show journey! In this blog, we will go through all my shows in 2018! With having GHOST GiRL GOODS running for 1 year officially prior to 2018, this is a great way to see how many things I was able to achieve!

Let's begin~

G-Anime Fashion Show - January 2018

Another fun year at G-Anime~! It was really fun going to G-Anime because it was kind of a "this was the con where GHOST GiRL premiered at" sort of deal! I was showcasing a new cardigan sample!

(Photos taken by attendee of the fashion show. Models: @stella.luna.cos, @princeoffluffey, @omglitters, @monsterseika, and myself)


(Video by Francis)

Anime North Fashion Show - May 2018

The fashion show moved to another building and the stage was MUCH nicer~! In this show, I was showcasing the cardigan sample from G-Anime in addition to a black one!

(Photos by Kevin Hodgson Photography / Models: @nek0ai, Seiryuu Persona Cosplay, @_savagely, @mehgame, @conniibonni, and myself)

Here is a video from the show:

(Video by FireMate Photographics)

Fashion Show hosted by Pink City at Yeticon - June 2018

Showcased the special Yeticon T-Shirts I designed and sold at the con as a collaboration! I arranged for everyone to come out in colour order.

(Most photos altovenue / Models: @princeoffluffey, @anairalin, @mehgame, @basicwitchz, @dwaipinkrambo, @nek0ai, Seiryuu Persona Cosplay, @tired.kun, @torakingz, @maegwyncosplay, and myself )


(Video by Francis)

Street Style Showcase at Japan Festival Canada - August 25th 2018

I coordinated and hosted the fashion show this year at Japan Festival! I also became a Kawaii Reporter for Kawaii International's special program, where people from around the world report on an event that shares kawaii. I thought it was a perfect way to showcase not only my work, but other creative people and Japan Festival itself! This was also the first time I didn't participate in my own show simply because I was MCing the whole fashion show event.

(Photos taken by me/ Make up by Julain James MUA / Models: @iluvcookiess_cosplay, @mehgame, @nek0ai, @tired.kun, @basicwitchz, and @purrikira)

Fashion shows that I did, but have no photos:

Otakuthon 2018 (it wasnt really a fashion show, but more like a panel where I had 1 model and myself)

KimiKon 2018 (I hosted a small fashion show for just my brand and had 5 models)

To wrap up, in 2018, I did 6 shows. Regardless of the size, I cared about all of them a lot and Im happy to have had so many supporting friends along the way! Through this year, I showed many of the same products, since I had by then created a somewhat large collection of designs. One of the best things that came out of this year was becoming the Kawaii Committee Chair of Japan Festival Canada after they recognized my participation with Kawaii International and the hard work I put into the event. I am so grateful to have a fun festival in my area where I can enjoy good times and activities as well as be a part of it and contribute content!


I won't be doing a 3rd segment for a while because I want to split up the progression I've made so that it can show where I was x years from when I post it! I hope that you enjoyed part 1 and 2! Please look forward to the next installment!

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