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GHOST GiRL GOODS: Then and Now - a fashion show timeline! [Part 1]

This long blog post is full of photos and fun info! I hope you will enjoy the whole journey through this timeline.

This is part 1 of a multi part series. Part 1 includes my first fashion shows up until the end of 2017, the year GHOST GiRL GOODS was launched!

GHOST GiRL GOODS was officially launched in 2017, but actually was born September 2014! From 2014 to 2017, I was coming up with my brand's concepts, styles, and overall designs. Some people may think these things take just a day, month or week. But it takes years to really put things together.

For me, I have really come a long way. Along my journey, I had many, MANY different ideas of what I wanted to make and what sort of brand I wanted. In 2014, after finishing my first college program, going to Japan for the first time, and starting a full time job as a pattern drafter, I then sparked my idea for GHOST GiRL GOODS.

Let's begin our journey! (*Please note: I tried to include credits to anyone who I still have the information for. But all credits go to the respective photographers, make up artists, and models who were included in this to help make it possible!)


Two fashion shows I did before GHOST GiRL was born!! These were during my Fashion Techniques and Design (my first college program) days! These are a lot more costume like and "for fun". BUT Definitely a great part of the process! Before GHOST GiRL GOODS, I thought I would go under the name Locobu, which was essentially just a shortened version of a username I used everywhere (lolacolabunny).

Youth Day Fashion Show - July 21st 2013


WOW! Haha~! I got an email from my school about this and then sent in my application and got in. It was held in Dundas Square (for those who don't know, that's like the Time Square of Toronto.)

(Photos by Kevin Ly / Models: Phoebe, Kayla, Rachel, Tina, Arielle, and Sara)

My parents also took a video of this fashion show LOL Here is a relic of the past

Runway For Research: Candyland Fashion Show - November 13th 2013

A fundraiser fashion show, where I created a candy themed collection!! Some garments use real candy on it (coated with a seal of course). It was a lot of fun making the garments~! There is licorice, chocolate caramel, gummy bears, colourful lollipop, and bon bon candy!

(Models: Celene, Jordynn, Christine, Rachel, Stephanie)


Xposed Fashion Show - June 21st 2015

GHOST GiRL GOODS 1st Official Fashion Show

This fashion show features GHOST GiRL GOODS' first batch of handmade garments and our first original print!! The signature looks featured DRiPPiN' DOTS Tee (3rd photo, top) and GHOST GiRL printed tee (1st photo, top).

(Photos taken by Eugene Hoo of Digital Pixie / Make up provided by Xposed Team / Models: Christina, @feebz_, @mehgame, @fawnbomb, myself, and Jacquelyn)

(Photos by Brian de Rivera Simon of Tarsi Pix Studios)

There was a "challenge" for this event, which was whoever sells the most tickets wins a location photo shoot. Well, guess who that winner was!! (Me and one other person who did not show up for the photo shoot LOL) It was a really fun photo shoot at a beautiful winery!

(Photos by Georgia Krikos of Jorjas Photography / Make up by Melanie Sleep / Models: myself and @alexiakeii)

SOLSTICE Fashion Show at UFT Scarborough - December 2015

This was for a charity event/fundraiser at the University of Toronto that someone had suggested I took part of.

I don't have photos from this fashion show, but I do have this UNRELEASED, RARE FOOTAGE of the whole show~!

(Video taken by Francis)

RAW Toronto Presents: SIGNATURE - March 17th 2016

This fashion show featured a new wave of handmade garments, as well as some more original prints. (The birth of OUT OF SERViCE!) This was also a whopping 11 looks in one show and it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun!!

(Photos by Ian Compton / Make up by Luisa Diaz / Models: @ratedrachel007, @jesstheyukihime, @xjoshuasanderson, @briannemcnamara, @mehgame, @alex_mcpherson1, @gothslam, @_caseypangan, and myself)

The Blair Bash Fashion Show - April 8th 2016

For this fashion show, I arranged it to be a special birthday gift to my dear friend! The theme was a birthday party, essentially all the models were the party guests bringing a little something to the party. When we all returned on stage, I got off stage and searched for my friend in the audience, pulled her up on stage, and presented her with a mini cake and a gift! (All of this while Katy Perry's Birthday song played on the runway!) This was a very special fashion show to me and the first time I made it into something more than just a runway!

(Photos by Ian Compton / Make up by Luisa Diaz / Models: @mehgame, Model #2 and Bo, @rubyrea.model, @luisatheslothqueen, and myself)

Kawaii Bass Fashion Show at the Japanese Cultural Center - September 10th 2016

A small fashion show, but the first one before I decided to officially launch GHOST GiRL GOODS! I introduced a new colourway of the DRiPPiN' DOTS Tee after getting a custom order for it!

(Photos from a friends phone / Models: @mehgame, @gothslam, and myself)

A true squad


G-Anime Fashion Show - January 2017

My first anime convention fashion show debut. This was also the release of the Bubble Tees collection, which was a collab with my good friend Kristine (YouAreReadingThis)! You can read about our collab in this blog entry!

(Photos taken by Marie-Anne C G / Models: @laeyawin, @princeoffluffey, Alex, @omglitters, Julie, and myself)

Anime North Fashion Show - May 2017

This was my first time selling and showcasing at Anime North. For this fashion show, I was focusing more on the Bubble Tees~! Kristine and I were at the booth during the weekend and it was so nice seeing the postive ractions towards these tees!

(Photos by Kevin Hodgson Photography / Models: @torakingz, @simplyconnii, @kawaii_epikuro, @nek0ai, @mehgame, and myself)

Here is the video from the fashion show~!

Otakuthon Fashion Show - August 2017

My first time back at Otakuthon after many years!! Otakuthon uses such a lovely venue and has a great stage!

(Photos by Yaelim Nam / Models: @anairalin, @princeoffluffey, @sleepykiks, @thatasianwren, @neffyavese, and myself)

Kawaii Bass Fashion Show at Japan Festival Canada - August 2017

For this fashion show, I released the Pompoji collection, alongside some handmade pieces!! I also did a report for Kawaii International about my participation in the show and some of the other designers works! You can check out that video summery here. (Unfortunately they removed the viewable episode)

(Photos by Japan Festival Canada's official photographers / Models: @nek0ai, @seenacha, @feeri_mysta,, and myself)

And here is the video~!

And there you have it!! From 2013 to 2017, I grew a lot and learned A LOT along the way!

I am so thankful for everyone who was part of the journey, especially those who were part of it many times! I'm grateful to be able to share these experiences and now get to reflect on them too. The next blog will include all events in 2018, since there were so many! Ill see how many parts to make this into because I think 2019 will also need its own part. For now, I hope you enjoyed this entry and will look forward to the next installments!

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