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GHOST GiRL GOODS Harajuku Pop-Up Shop and Gallery - Oct 7th - 22nd 2023

GHOST GiRL GOODS 3rd Official Appearance in Japan!

1st - November 2018 DESIGN FESTA Vol 48 with Monster Girls/Yamamoto Shigetomo and Friends

2nd - February 2020 BuriDeco: World Lolita Collection hosted by Brilliant Kingdom/triple*fortune

3rd - October 2023 Harajuu Pop-up! 1st solo gallery at Design Festa Gallery and pop-up shop at 6%DOKIDOKI

Things have settled down a bit and finally I have a chance to talk about my experience in Japan in more detail! This trip was essentially a 9 year old goal finally becoming reality. There were so many things I got to experience on this trip to Japan, so be sure to check out my other blog posts to read about my adventures!

I arrived in Japan on October 5th and began preparations for the pop-up shop on the 6th with Yui, the shop manager of 6%DOKIDOKI. It was so nice to finally meet again after many years. We have such fond memories together, including The NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour, where we had a chance to spend 2 weeks together in Canada! (You can read all about there here)

On October 7th, the pop-up shop began and I was so excited to have a chance to work along the shop girls at 6%DOKIDOKI! During this time, I met Sasami chan, Pea chan, and Yen chan! They were all so kind and helped to introduce my pop up and products to Japanese customers, so I was very grateful for their help! We had fun in the shop, recorded TikTok videos, and took photos! I appeared at the pop-up shop on 5 days during my visit to Japan. By the end of the pop-up, I also met DOKI shop staff Mari san, Pyon san, and NICO. Later on in November, Yui, Sebastian, Pea chan, and I reunited at Kumoricon in Portland!

Here are some customer snaps and friends who came to visit! I was so thrilled to have customers who were local or 6%DOKIDOKI loyal customers, as well as tourists and foreigners living in Japan! It was a great mix and I met a lot of very kind people. Even some friends who were travelling from Toronto to Japan came to visit the pop-up.

There was even a customer that returned 3 times! The last day she visited, she was wearing everything she purchased the previous days. It made me so happy to see people enjoying GHOST GIRL GOODS in Japan! I hope that more people from around the world will continue to love and support GHOST GIRL GOODS!

On October 14th, the GHOST GiRL GOODS Gallery was open!

I was pleasantly surprised while setting up with a visit from RinRin Doll and Minori! I wasn't finished, but they lent me a hand to help get everything ready. I really appreciated their kindness and visit! It's funny because, shortly after I returned to Canada, the 3 of us reunited at Sin City Anime in Las Vegas and got to spend some time together! I was also happy to see Jun of NUEZZZ visit after not having seen him since 2018! Shigetomo and Hisacy also visited at the same time, but I had left the gallery early that day unfortunately! (Luckily, I was able to see both of them again after) Several other friends traveled out to come see the gallery and I was so happy to see them all. Especially because its been so long since I've seen many of my Japanese friends.

On one of the nights of my visit, I was able to celebrate the pop-up shop and Sebastian's role as artistic director for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical with Sebastian, Yui, and some of the shop staff! We went to an izakaya and I felt really glad that, even though Sebastian was very busy, we was able to make some time for this. (You cant really see the food we had because we ate most of it already hahaha, but it was very tasty!)

Overall, I am so happy and grateful that I was able to achieve this goal of mine!! I am thankful to my friends at 6%DOKIDOKI for helping make this possible. 9 years ago, I visited 6%DOKIDOKI for the first time and now I had my very own pop-up shop there. One goal down and so many more to go! I will keep working hard to achieve so many things and hope that GHOST GiRL GOODS will continue to grow and grow! Thank you to everyone who came to visit and to all who are supporting! If you have a goal you are trying to achieve, keep working hard at it! It might not happen for some years time, but it will be worth it when it does happen! Until next time . . .


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