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GHOST GiRL GOODS Harajuku Pop-Up Shop and Gallery - Oct 7th - 22nd 2023

GHOST GiRL GOODS 3rd Official Appearance in Japan!

1st - November 2018 DESIGN FESTA Vol 48 with Monster Girls/Yamamoto Shigetomo and Friends

2nd - February 2020 BuriDeco: World Lolita Collection hosted by Brilliant Kingdom/triple*fortune

3rd - October 2023 Harajuu Pop-up! 1st solo gallery at Design Festa Gallery and pop-up shop at 6%DOKIDOKI

Things have settled down a bit and finally I have a chance to talk about my experience in Japan in more detail! This trip was essentially a 9 year old goal finally becoming reality. There were so many things I got to experience on this trip to Japan, so be sure to check out my other blog posts to read about my adventures!

I arrived in Japan on October 5th and began preparations for the pop-up shop on the 6th with Yui, the shop manager of 6%DOKIDOKI. It was so nice to finally meet again after many years. We have such fond memories together, including The NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour, where we had a chance to spend 2 weeks together in Canada! (You can read all about there here)

On October 7th, the pop-up shop began and I was so excited to have a chance to work along the shop girls at 6%DOKIDOKI! During this time, I met Sasami chan, Pea chan, and Yen chan! They were all so kind and helped to introduce my pop up and products to Japanese customers, so I was very grateful for their help! We had fun in the shop, recorded TikTok videos, and took photos! I appeared at the pop-up shop on 5 days during my visit to Japan. By the end of the pop-up, I also met DOKI shop staff Mari san, Pyon san, and NICO. Later on in November, Yui, Sebastian, Pea chan, and I reunited at Kumoricon in Portland!

Here are some customer snaps and friends who came to visit! I was so thrilled to have customers who were local or 6%DOKIDOKI loyal customers, as well as tourists and foreigners living in Japan! It was a great mix and I met a lot of very kind people. Even some friends who were travelling from Toronto to Japan came to visit the pop-up.