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6%DOKIDOKI NEW GENERATION KAWAII Canadian Tour - August 15th - 25th 2019

The NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour hit Montreal and Toronto from August 15th - 25th. This tour was created, with the help of GHOST GiRL GOODS, to help bring kawaii to Canada. It was an amazing experience being able to be such a big part of this event. I'm grateful for the wonderful memories this event has brought me and am so happy to share all the details about the event here!

The tour was FILLED with fun events! Fashion shows, lectures, pop-up shops, and the Time After Time Capsule!

We created special 6%DOKIDOKI x GHOST GiRL GOODS Collaboration Rosettes!! I got to design them!


Otakuthon started off with the opening ceremonies. We held a pop-up shop all weekend, as well as participated in the fashion show, and held a panel about the origins of Harajuku fashion and the beginning of kawaii culture. Sebastian Masuda even DJ'ed at the Otakudance!!!! (the night time party)

The Montreal team consisted of 2 awesome shop staff from Japan: Nyun [@newniji] and Tsubaki [@nyoirinkannon], who were also models of our fashion show! We all worked together at the booth and met many friendly fans! We were so happy to have them as part of the tour! It was such a pleasure working with them both. Tsubaki joined us in Toronto, but Nyun had to return to Japan after Otakuthon was finished. (Thank you for all your hard work Nyun! Helping customers, as well as translating French, English, and Japanese was a lot of work! We appreciate all the help you gave us and the fun we had together!)

Photos below taken by GHOST GiRL GOODS.

I was the English MC of the Otakuthon Fashion Show, which was lots of fun! I always love to be on stage, whether its MCing, modelling, or dancing.

Here are some awesome photos from the fashion show, courtesy of Buddy Photography [Facebook]. Two of the show looks were a combination with GHOST GiRL GOOD items! During the fashion show, we had 2 special guest models: Toshi/Dollfille [Website / Instagram], who also helped create some of the make up looks for the show, and Pixielocks [Youtube / Instagram].