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Wrapping Up Another Year - 2021 Overview

At the end of 2020, I had high hopes for 2021. Im sure many of us did. I believe this year was even harder than last year to be honest. If you are here and reading this, I'm sending you lots of good energies to share.

As my journal entries are a little more personal, I'll say that 2021 has been the hardest year of my life thus far. I've really been pushing myself to keep going because it's been a tough one! Despite the hardships of this year, I am definitely coming out with a small handful of joy that I am very grateful and thankful for. I will not take it for granted! If there's one thing I learned this year, it's being grateful for my life and my ability to do things I love.


Unfortunately, my year, right from day 1, started with me loosing my dad very suddenly. It was not expected, he didn't have any conditions that we were aware of. But it made the entry into this year....a downer. Especially since, at the end of 2020, I was feeling really good about myself and had high hopes.

Regardless, it's something that really changed the whole year for me. I've been trying my very best to do what I can.

In honor of my dad, I even designed a sweater with some Greek words on it (fun fact: GHOST GiRL is half Greek and half Portugese!) There's one thing I always loved about going to Greek family functions and that was hearing the music being played. My dad liked singing in the car and really loved music (he loved Elvis!) I felt that this was a perfect way to put something he loved into a GHOST GiRL piece, where still matching with the brand! So whether people know the back story or not, I know this sweater is a special piece to me.

You can check out the product page here

On a lighter note, also at the beginning of this year, GHOST GiRL GOODS gained it's very own co-owner! (AKA GHOST GiRL got an awesome partner in love and crime!) Kyelor is on the ABOUT page on our site and has appeared in various garment photos as well! He's so far helped coordinate photoshoots, arrange the Wonder Bubble Tea pop-up event, and worked together with me at Royal Vegas Retreat in November! He has been a great support and help and we are going to CONQUER TOGETHER!!!

In April, I helped to host a Zoom party for the Canadian Kawaii Tribe with 6%DOKIDOKI back in April! The 6%DOKIDOKI online events are always fun to be part of and full of energy! This one was also posted up on the 6%DOKIDOKI twitch channel, where they also held parties in other countries too! I had a mini segment in the party where I showed a video of me visiting a local poutine shop that offers a Unicorn Poutine!

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I kept my Digital KAWAII Interview series going, which included various designers, creators, and personalities!! I wanted to continue to highlight people, especially since we were still stuck without many events to go to. Most of the year was being stuck indoors. So be sure to check them out and give everyone some cheer!

You can read all the blog entries here: Mini Kawaii Interview

We also did 2 photoshoots for new products! Thankfully, we have some awesome and supportive friends who help us out with these various projects. (And then they get to be the face of our products!) Here's various photos from the 2021 photoshoots.

One of the highlights of 2021

GHOST GiRL GOODS had it's very first, in-person event after a long time!! In August, of course following all local guidelines and restrictions, we held a one pop-up event at Wonder Bubble Tea, a local bubble tea shop with lots of awesome flavours! For so many years, I've wanted to work together with a bubble tea shop (ever since the first release of Bubble Tees!) So it was a really great experience finally seeing it happen!

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During October, we held a contest to dress up GHOST GiRL for Halloween! Also, we released our GHOST GiRL plushie, which will be part of a collaboration for this new year! (It was supposed to be in November, but schedules needed to be rearranged)

You can see all the contest entries here: Dress GHOST GiRL For Halloween Contest- #GhostGirlCostumeContest

You can also purchase a GHOST GiRL Plushie here. See the listing!

The 2nd highlight of 2021: Attending Royal Vegas Retreat in Las Vegas with Kyelor in November!

This was GHOST GiRL GOODS 1st ever guest appearance in the USA!! It was such a fun event....I wish it could have lasted longer because it's been such a long time attending anything and seeing people! We were so happy to have been able to go and found an AMAZING ARCADE on our journey!!

You can read all about our experience: Royal Vegas Retreat - Las Vegas

And that's about it!

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive this year! I am always so grateful for everyone's support and I'm really hoping that we can all have a nice break this year and have some good happen to us. I wish everyone a successful, prosperous, and joyous new year. Please continue to follow GHOST GiRL GOODS!!! We have so much ahead of us and we cant wait to share every bit of it with you!


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