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Dress GHOST GiRL for Halloween Contest - #GhostGirlCostumeContest

From October 11th - 31st, we held a contest to dress up GHOST GiRL for Halloween!! We thought it would be a fun way to get creative and give GHOST GiRL a good look for the season. Here are all the entries we received:

(Click an image for full view)

And here are the top 3 winners!


This punky clown look seems like a great fit for GHOST GiRL's spunky personality!


The creepiest entry we received!! And perfect for Halloween!!! Is it GHOST GiRL.....or is that someone under a mask?! (maybe GHOST GiRL is being held hostage!)


A cute little magical witch, using soft pastel colours! She is adorable, but isnt afraid to cast a spell on you if you cross her.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and we hope you look forward to our future contests!

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