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Sin City Anime - Nov. 18th - 20th 2022

GHOST GiRL GOODS was invited as a Guest of Honour at Sin City Anime 2022. The GHOST GiRL duo made their way to Vegas once again to enjoy an awesome convention weekend!

Last year, we were in Vegas the same weekend Sin City Anime was happening! (We were attending Royal Vegas Retreat, which you can read all about in this blog post) This is when Alexia found out that one of the organizers of the con was actually someone she met in Japan back in 2018! We were both attending the Halloween themed Harajuku Walk and later on took a photo together. What a small world~


We arrived 2 days early, giving us enough time to explore and, of course, make sure we go back to our favourite Vegas arcade Game Nest. We wrote all about our first time at Game Nest in this blog. In addition to playing fun games, we also checked out MeowWolf's OMEGA MART and what a cool experience this was! Also, it was the perfect place to take photos in, so we decided to get some shots of the new GHOSTOWN zip tees!

Sin City Anime had a WONDERFUL line up of fashion guests which offered a little bit of everything for everyone! Japan's beautiful shironuri artist Minori's intricate handmade jewelry, accessories and outfits. Cybr.grl's brand CANDY TRAP that is an absolute explosion of colour and cheer. And of course, GHOST GiRL GOODS bringing all the hype energy with our cool and cute streetwear.

(A few shots of our booth space!)


Day 1 of the convention began! We opened up our booth for the weekend and also had our panel: Discover Your Kawaii with GHOST GiRL GOODS, which takes you through the journey of how GGG was first started and hopes to inspire those who want to start their own brand or project! There was also a lolita tea party held on Friday, which featured special guest Minori and was themed Greyscale Heaven. (We did not attend the tea party though) Our evening ended off with a dinner and impromptu karaoke session! (I took a selfie with everyone who came to the panel!)


We started off the day at the booth for a little bit. I was the MC for the fashion show, in addition to showcasing GHOST GiRL GOODS. I managed to get Kyelor up on stage to introduce himself! Maybe he will feel a little more comfortable being on stage in the future~ hehehe! At this fashion show, we showcased the rereleased zipper tees as well as the new pink colourway and pleated skirt! I was also the MC for the Masquerade alongside judges Juvanixx Project, who were absolutely awesome dancers! After we wrapped up our duties for the day, we decided to return to Game Nest!

Here is a group shot of our awesome team of models! Everyone looked SO GOOD and everyone was awesome doing their walk (and for some, dance...or even flip!!!)

One cool aspect of the fashion show is that I had each designer answer a few questions so the audience could hear a little more about their brand and how is came to be, or perhaps where they get their inspiration from!


The last day of the con! We were a part of the J-Fashion Luncheon, themed Harajuku Circus! Cybr.girl, Galaxy Girl PAiDA, and I were in attendance as the featured guests at this event. I picked my favourite outfit of the event, which just so happened to be someone who I had met last year at Royal Vegas Retreat! She was wearing my favourite Angelic Pretty print (which I own 2 of) and she wore her new GHOSTOWN PARADE PARTY TiME Sweater, which matched ever so perfectly!! Not to mention all the tasty treats we got to eat!

We wrapped up our convention weekend at the closing ceremonies and enjoyed the evening with our Game Nest one last time LOL.

(Photo from Sin City Anime's Facebook page)

Throughout the weekend, we had so many wonderful customers supporting! Here are a bunch of the customer snaps we took throughout the weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who made a purchase!