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Kawaii Monster Cafe Pop-Up - Oct. 19th - 22nd 2023

On January 31st 2021, the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE permanently closed down their location in Harajuku. Since then, there have been various pop-up events and cafes. I was so sad to hear when it closed, but had hoped that I could still see their projects once again whenever I would return to Japan.

If you never had a chance to go to the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, you can check out my previous blog posts that highlight and show photos from it:

I got very lucky with the timing this year, as KAWAII MONSTER CAFE planned a pop up event in Harajuku during some days I had free! I made sure that picked 1 day to go and luckily enough, my schedule worked out for free time on the 1st day of the pop-up! There are 2 parts to this pop-up, taking place on 2 different time slots. This pop-up was also in collaboration with 6%DOKIDOKI, so there were some items available for sale as well as previous Kawaii Monster Cafe goods only available at the restaurant's gift shop.

The pop up was held at ASOBI FACTORY, which is just a few minutes away from 6%DOKIDOKI and also Design Festa Gallery! (has a lot of activities in the back streets of Harajuku this trip!) There were various goodies for purchase, including decora accessories, Chompy plushies, t-shirts, 6%DOKIDOKI garments, bulk candy, cookies, and TY Beanie Boos! There was also a perfect photo spot with an inflatable Melty-Go-Round, as well as Chompy's parents. I also got to meet 2 members of Takepara and kawaii creator @ozo_ni!

There is a dedicated corner where you can get your make up done by Melty Girl Ciel! I got her to do my make up for me and we matched with hearts and pink.

After looking around the shop and taking many photos, I went outside to the Hot Dog Cafe Stand Station Tokyo food truck, where they offered a special menu of monster inspired items! A monster hot dog and 3 eyeball drinks! I purchased the monster dog and the grape monster float. Both were very yummy!! I got to enjoy my food with Chompy and Monster Girl Ciel also~!

I'm so glad I was able to at least visit on one of the days of this pop-up!! I hope that they have more KAWAII MONSTER CAFE events in the future and maybe, one day, the cafe will appear again in a physical location!

Until then . . .



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