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Cute Cafe Days - Part 1

I'll be visiting some more cute cafes during my trip here, but this is the first report on where I've been so far!

In Harajuku, there was a Love Live x Sanrio collaboration cafe! (I wish Gudetama was included here hehe!) It was taking place at Harajuku Box Cafe&Space. I went with my friend @chocolatchaudcreations . This small cafe had love live clips and songs playing. I ordered the strawberry milk with whipped cream and chocolate pieces, as well as the dessert plate with mini pancakes and ice cream, pound cake with apple pieces, and (what I think was) caramel? jelly topped with a lemon.

Next up was the Kawaii Monster Cafe, which held their Hello Kitty collaboration menu (which was extended until Sept. 30th 2019!) I had the Hello Kitty curry (or "Hello Curry" if you will.) It was very good and the curry reminded me of the meatballs from Ikea! I thought that the reservation set I ordered included a collaboration dessert as well, but it did not. But all the foods were super cute! (I mean, technically I can go there again to eat one of the desserts?) While the show was on, they handed us some chocolate covered marshmallows! Yumm~ *I added some photos from another day I visited Kawaii Monster Cafe! I got photos of the menu, as well as the apple pie float, the kawaii monster cake, and the Chompy burger!*

Lastly, Egg & Spuma, located in Shinjuku's Lumin Est building, was holding a special Sanrio collaboration!! The theme was roadtip! My friend @kunshoyasan and I shared the box set, which included 2 burgers (Pochacco was a fish burger and Cinnamoroll was a hamburger), fries, karaage, 2 mini pizza slices, 2 mini salads, and a Kiki and Lala doughnut! I'm pretty sure they were going for an American fast food vibe. Everything was very yummy!