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Japan Festival Fashion Show - August 20th 2022

Japan Festival is back after going digital for the past 2 years! I can't believe the last Japan Festival I attended in person was in 2019, where I was running the NEW GENERATION KAWAII tour with Sebastian Masuda and the 6%DOKIDOKI team! Time sure does fly and I had so many memories coming back to me! (Wanna hear about the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour? Click here to read our full tour report!) The fashion show this year was held on Saturday August 20th at 3:30pm. There was a great crowd watching, which included so many familiar faces!

This year at Japan Festival, we hosted a special fashion show featuring 4 highlighted looks from the brands we work with, as well as a line up of GHOST GiRL GOODS looks (one of which featured a NEW item!) We also tried a new show layout and I think it worked really nicely! In this blog, you'll find all the highlighted looks for each model.

Here are all the looks from the show!

All photos taken by Firemate Photographic [ Website || Instagram || YouTube ]

(A big thank you to him for always capturing such wonderful photos when we work together!)

The first 2 looks were a showcase of 6%DOKIDOKI's newest collection items! Featuring Colourful Riot printed items, as well as their previous collection Primal Pop. I wanted to show both the vivid and pastel colours that 6%DOKIDOKI is so well known for. We incorporated the NEW GENERATION KAWAII tour collab rosettes into these outfits also.

(Models: Left (6%DOKIDOKI Pastel Collection) - @irin_schwz || Right (6%DOKIDOKI Vivid Collection) - @mehgame)

Secondly was the NUEZZZ collaboration DAY DREAMZZZ Hooded Tee. We released this item in 2020 and it was our first large collab item! This print features NUEZZZ original characters alongside GHOST GiRL and MUSIC MONSTAH....all which are sleeping!

(Model: Cuppa Kouhii)

The third outfit concluded our brand collab line up with our newest collaboration with HYPER CORE called HYPER GIRL. Our model was styled in a gyaru-esc look while featuring the collab beanie and t-shirt we designed. The shirt design itself was a piece by Hisacy of HYPER CORE called HYPER BEATS. GHOST GiRL and her friends then invaded the artwork!

(Model: @lolop0yo)

Then we showcased full GHOST GiRL GOODS looks! Starting off with the most pink and kawaii of all: the Pompoji set of T-Shirt, Pompom Hat, Socks, and special handmade choker created by myself and friend Chi in Japan. (more on that collab here!) The Cotton Candy Skirt is the best wait to tie this look together. We included the 1st release Pompoji socks because they will be returning again, alongside socks of all our characters!

(Model: @seenacha)

The MUSIC MONSTAH crewneck is a special piece I created after my dad passed on Jan. 1st 2021. I created the design using Greek text (as my dad was Greek) and it reads MUSIC MONSTA along the sleeves and MUSIC on the front. I chose this specifically because I always loved going to my relatives house and hearing the Greek music play as everyone partied. There were also many music moments I enjoyed with my dad, whether it was singing a few words from a Disney song or him talking about his favourite singers, like Elvis. MUSIC MONSTAH was the perfect character to put on this outfit because green is the colour of the May birthstone emerald. My dad and I actually shared the same birthday on May 19th! All the green portions of this crewneck glow-in-the-dark too. Even though these aren't the first things you notice about this crewneck, they're the secret details that make it special to me. The model for this look was also Greek, so it was a nice personal connection they were also able to make too!

(Model: @lapin.opal)

The most favoured pieces from GHOST GiRL GOODS are the GHOSTOWN PARADE Daytime and Night Time Zip Tees! They WILL BE RETURNING with a refreshed design later this year as part of our 5th year anniversary celebration (more info on that to be announced) Our model in the left photos is also wearing our GGG Black Simple Tee, which is a great piece for those who wanna rock GHOST GiRL GOODS, but like to keep things simple!

(Models: Left - @pink.berry.prince || Right - @nek0ai666 )

We also introduced a new pleated skirt with the GHOSTOWN PARADE Night Time print. The skirt has built in shorts too! We will release this skirt with the refined GHOSTOWN PARADE print on it (and it will also be in the correct orientation hehehe! This was just the sample.) Our model is also wearing the GGG White Simple Tee, which is a nice balance in comparison to the busy print of GHOSTOWN PARADE.

(Model: @symphette)

The beloved GHOSTOWN PARADE PARTY TiME set! This matching combo of sweater and socks will brighten up your day and add playfulness to your look! Its the most colourful item in our collection and we love how happy it makes each person who wears it. The Big Collar Sweater is definitely a customer favourite for all!

(Model: @modelingyuking )

The mesh dresses were such a HUGE hit for our customers! One of my personal favourite colourways is the Hot Pink. It just pops to well with a black and white contrast! Our model is wearing the original GHOST GiRL printed t-shirt and tights, which we hope to bring back for our 5th year anniversary celebration! Alongside that are some other GHOST GiRL accessories mixed in.

(Model: @purrikira)

The extra comfy ともだち Sweater Dress cannot be paired without the adorable little GHOST GiRL Plushie! (Which was brought up on stage!) These were released as part of our Tiny Friends collection in 2021. This dress can be styled in a cute or punky way.