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Halloween Harajuku Walk - Saturday, October 21st 2023

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2023 EVERYONE! I was able to attend the Halloween Harajuku walk during my travels in Japan. This is the 4th Harajuku walk in Japan that I've attended!

This walk was hosted by a newly formed group group of 3 called Harajuku Fashion Day Harajuku. They post events on Instagram, so you can check them out there to find out when their next event will be if you're heading to Harajuku! The theme for this walk was Halloween, of course, as it was happening very close to Halloween! Here is a group shot that I snapped before we started our walk!

We followed the back streets of Takeshita street, with our first stop being at ACDC RAG. We took a group photo there and continued our walk towards Design Festa Gallery. After we arrived, we had about 30 minutes to look around. I did not stay too long, since I had been working at 6%DOKIDOKI earlier that day and also hadn't eaten anything for a long while. But I managed to mingle at the meeting spot, join the walk for 2 stops, and then I also showed a few people my pop up at 6%DOKIDOKI! I saw a few familiar faces, met a long-time fan of 7 years, and made some new friends as well! It was a fairly large group who participated this year! Unfortunately, it was a cold day, and that also didn't help those who wanted to look cute! (It also started to rain a little and some of us did not have an umbrella!) On the positive note, everyone looked great, everyone who I spoke to was very friendly, and it was nice to be back in a Harajuku walk again in Japan!

I snapped a bunch of people's outfits for the walk as they trickled to the meeting point!

After I spent my time and decided to part ways, I looked for a ramen shop that didn't have a huge line. It was cold outside, so it was definitely people's choice of dinner! I walked around Harajuku, but the ramen shops I tried had a large line up. I did not want to give up!! So I kept walking and searching and ended up in Shibuya. Eventually, I found one!! It didn't have a line up when I arrived despite being in a pretty bustling area. I went in, ordered my ramen, and it was so tasty I was so glad I didn't give up on ramen that night haha! (Even looking at this photo again makes me hungry!)

I'm very happy I participated, even just for a little bit of time! I look forward to the next time I can go to a Harajuku walk while in Japan! In the meantime, I'll try to participate in my local events and also host Harajuku fashion picnics here in Toronto area! Until then . . .



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