GHOST GiRL GOODS will be at A-Kon EP 31

GHOST GiRL GOODS will be heading to Texas in June for A-kon, their 2nd American guest appearance! June 3rd - 5th 2022.

You can check out our booth, sit in on our panel of the story of GHOST GIRL GOODS, party at our J-Fashion mixer, and watch us hit the runway at the fashion show (we are looking for models! See below) We will also be attending the lolita tea party!

Want to model for GHOST GiRL GOODS at A-Kon?

Are you interested in modeling for GHOST GIRL GOODS? Visit the link below to register for an account on Fluffy Show and be sure to say you want to model for us!

Step 1: Go to

(Please note: this platform is being used by the convention organizers to smoothly coordinate the fashion show. GHOST GiRL GOODS will this site for A-Kon and possibly for other out-of-town conventions. For local events, we will have our own form!)

Step 2: Click Register to create an account

Step 3: Create your model profile

(fill out all the required information, it is saved automatically even if you leave the page!)

Step 4: Apply for the A-Kon fashion show after you completed your model profile!

I believe after making your profile, you'll be able to see the available fashion shows when you click on the "Model" button!

We will be debuting our official collaboration with HYPER CORE at A-kon as well! We can't wait to show you! (For all our Canadian friends, we will be debuting the HYPER CORE collaboration just shortly after at Yeticon!)