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Montreal Harajuku Walk - May 18th 2019

I attended the Montreal Harajuku Walk for the first time this year! I was really excited to be able to see my friends in Montreal, but also, host an activity for all to participate in!

You can find out more about the Montreal Harajuku Walk here.

The park where we met up in was very large and beautiful! It was a bit of a chilly and cloudy day but that was ok! Better than being very hot or rainy. Everyone had a picnic first before the walk began. Photo sessions followed shortly after. (click photo to enlarge)

I donated some prizes for the raffle!! Here were the lucky winners who won the GHOST GiRL goodies!!

When we finished up the group photos, we gathered back in the picnic area to pack up and start the walk! Before and after the walk, I collected some messages for the scrapbook activity I was hosting! I was happy to receive some wonderful words from the Montreal J-Fashion community!!

I'll definitely be returning for the next Montreal Harajuku Walk! The community is lovely and it was great seeing so many people come out!

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