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BIG NEWS: Kawaii Brand Ambassador for 6%DOKIDOKI in Canada!

The big news I've been waiting to share!!!


I am the first official Kawaii Brand Ambassador for 6%DOKIDOKI in Canada!!! Approved by Sebastian Masuda himself and the team of 6%DOKIDOKI~

6%DOKIDOKI will now be available on my website, as well as at my booths at conventions and events I attend!

I am SUPER happy and overjoyed to be able to represent a brand that I have loved since the beginning of my J-Fashion loving days! Im excited to share all these kawaii products with everyone and hope that everyone will enjoy! I want to help spread the word of real kawaii fashion from Japan and this kawaii brand that helped bring Harajuku fashion where it is today!


6%DOKIDOKI is a clothing and accessory brand from Japan that was created by designer Sebastian Masuda back in 1995. This brand has been one of the icons of Harajuku fashion and was actually one of the original brands who helped to form Kawaii fashion into what it is today. You may have seen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music video PON PON PON. It was Sebastian Masuda who helped to artistically direct the music video!

I first met Sebastian Masuda when he did a Kawaii Fashion lecture in New York City in 2015. It was the first time I had ever seen him come to North America where I was actually able to go! I felt so inspired after hearing him talk! The second time was also in New York for another Kawaii Fashion Lecture May 2018. He had remembered who I was....because I was literally the only Canadian person who came out to see him (the first and second lecture!)

When I saw him at the Kawaii Monster Cafe on Halloween 2018, he still remembered who I was! Haha!! It made an impression! I guess its because I see so much value in learning about fashion directly from someone who actually started big trends!!

Im so grateful for the opportunities I've been given up to this point and will do my best to spread kawaii energy to many people!

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