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Representing Canada at BuriDeco/World Lolita Collection ブリデコ2020 in Japan! Feb. 1st - 2nd 2020

Last year in Japan, I was invited by Triple*Fortune designers BABI and Kaie to represent Canada at BuriDeco/World Lolita Collection ブリデコ2020!! I felt both honored and excited to have this opportunity and I wanted to make sure I did my to represent Canada and GHOST GiRL GOODS!!

I made a VERY SHORT trip to Japan to attend the event, but it was definitely worth the experience I had, the moments I shared with others, and the connections I made with attendees!

BuriDeco was a 2 day event hosted by Triple*Fortune/Brilliant Kingdom! It includes 2 days of shopping, a fashion show, tea party, and special performance by Brilliant Kingdom and other guests!

Official Website

Our first day there was the dress rehearsal for the fashion show. This was also the same day we landed in Japan! At the airport, we were stopped by reporters from "Why Did You Come To Japan?" TV Show!! I am wondering if it got shown on TV? (I hope it did! I was advertising the event haha~)

Day 1 was the World Lolita Exposition, a shopping event that featured designers (mainly for lolita wears) from around the world! At this event, many people showed up to find unique items which may only be found on that day! Designers from Taiwan, Russia, and Netherlands were present!! I tried to find as many as their social media accounts as I could!


Summer Tale Boutique

Happy Forest Lolita Design

Little Rose Planet

British Wardrobe

Atelier 17

Enchanted Dream Couture

Le Petit Four


PromisedLand Creation

Violet Fane

I took some photos at the event of some of the booths! Everyone was selling beautiful merchandise! I was the only vendor who was selling kawaii style street fashion, which was nice to be able to stand out haha~! But this event was mainly for the lolita crowd, which is totally cool~ It was really nice seeing so many people come out to the event. Actually, I noticed a different vibe from the attendees. Everyone was wearing lolita, but some people weren't so "dolled up". They were wearing their dress perhaps with running shoes or even a sweater over top. I felt it was a lot more relaxed and people were wearing their dress simply because they loved it and they wanted to wear it that day! I saw this mainly with a group of girls wearing some Triple*Fortune pieces. I felt their outfits were very unique and put together in their own personal style, not worrying about "what lolita fashion requires". Simple, their outfits came from their heart!

After the shopping event, I wanted to stop in Harajuku to get the HYPERCORE x CoCo Bubble Tea collaboration!! It was only going on for a little while longer, so I was SO HAPPY we were able to grab it while we could!! With each drink order, you get a collaboration sticker too. (I actually went to HYPERCORE after to pick up the collaboration shirt haha~!) (more on the collaboration HERE)

I also wanted to say hello to my friends at 6%DOKIDOKI of course!! It's always nice seeing them~!

Day 2 was World Lolita Collection! Fashion show, more shopping opportunities (this time, with some more brands), tea party, and performance from Brilliant Kingdom! Most of the sellers from the previous day's event were present, alongside a few additions, such as Listen Flavor and Vierge Vampur! It was a beautiful event, starting off with shopping, followed by the fashion show! The venue was stunning and was perfect for this kind of event.

The show had a few different parts to it: New Generation Fashion, World Lolita, Japan Lolita, and Triple*Fortune. GHOST GiRL GOODS was the show finisher of the New Generation Fashion section!! I was so happy they chose to play my choice of song (FUSION by Perfume) for the whole New Gen. section!!!! I danced and grooved and people came to me after with compliments about my dancing and energy!! I felt really good! I didn't get a chance to talk about my brand or fashion philosophy on stage, but I did get to share it with some of the customers who came by my table/attendees who complimented me!

Here are some photos from the sales area!

Photos and videos were not allowed during the fashion show, so I am currently waiting to receive those from the event! I will be making a separate post for the fashion show!

Overall, being part of this event was a very special moment for myself and GHOST GiRL GOODS! It was not only the first event of 2020, but the first event holding my new clothing philosophy ! I hope that I can continue to grow in 2020 and continue to spread GHOST GiRL GOODS to all.

GHOST GiRL GOODS will continue to remove labels,

one piece of clothing at a time!

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