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The NUEZZZ x GHOST GiRL GOODS collaboration is dropping August 2020! This collab is called DAY DREAMZZZ, featuring illustration by NUEZZZ artist Jun Arai (@moji8fresh) and design and style by GHOST GiRL GOODS.

This collaboration illustration features NUEZZZ and GHOST GiRL GOODS friends! HOT PSYCH DOG, Puppy, and NUE from NUEZZZ and GHOST GiRL and MUSIC MONSTAH from GGG! All drawn in Jun's art style.

I met Jun in 2017, while traveling to Japan with some friends. I asked one of my friends who lives in Japan to come with me to the galaxxxy store, which was the first time visiting it! Luckily, I was able to arrange my schedule to visit on a day when Jun was working in the shop. (The photo to the right is of my friend Phoebe and I, customer snapped at the galaxxxy shop!)

I was really excited to see his artwork in person, since I had followed him on instagram. I even asked me friend if she could translate for me: "I hope we can collaborate one day!". Jun left galaxxxy and then branched out into NUEZZZ later on (in 2018).

Fast forwarding to 2020, where we are actually doing a collaboration together!!

When I revisited Japan in 2018, I saw Jun again at the NUEZZZ pop-up shop in Laforet. I was able to check out the NUEZZZ products for the first time in person! I absolutely love all the bright poppin' colours! During that trip, I wrote two blog articles! You can check them out here:

In 2019, I attended Tekko! With the help of FAKE STAR USA, NUEZZZ and GHOST GiRL GOODS presented an AWESOME collaborative fashion show! You can check out all the show looks in this blog entry.

(Photo by Rubab of FAKE STAR USA)

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Now...let's take a look at DAY DREAMZZZ

The DAY DREAMZZZ hooded tee is a stylish unisex piece that conveys both energies of NUEZZZ and GHOST GiRL GOODS. It's perfect for wearing by itself or layering it with a long sleeved top underneath.

The hooded tee has 2 special tags: one on the inside and one on the bottom front right corner.

We are both happy about this collaboration and hope you enjoy it as well!

Please look forward to more NUEZZZ collaborations in the future!!



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