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Mini Clothing Care Guide With Pompoji

(Not just for GHOST GiRL GOODS products, but for most clothing items!)

If you need help figuring out how to care for some of your clothing, look no further! Pompoji is here to share some helpful tips on cleaning clothes and helping them last longer!


There is the standard "Darks, Lights, and Reds", but upon that, there are some items of clothing that you might find difficult to decide where to put it in with!

> Check the INSIDE of your garments to see what they should go with.

EXAMPLE: A printed tee with mainly dark prints might actually be white on the inside. You should flip this shirt inside out and put it in with the light colours!

DO NOT put this garment in with dark colours though or else it might have the chance of picking up stains!


Before washing your clothes, ensure that your garments are flipped out (especially things like socks or pant legs!) For shirts/garments with prints on them, beading, sequins, etc., you should flip those inside out. It will help to keep those prints and beads lasting longer! Its a good idea to wash clothing via cold/warm water settings.


The safest way to dry your clothing is to hang them! There are certain things that cannot be hung though and should lay flat to dry. (this includes garments that are knit, like knit sweaters) For me, I hang any sort of printed shirts, alongside my skirts, tights, and pants, while things like pajamas, socks, and undies can go into the dryer. Putting things in the dryer may be safe, but some clothing made with natural fibers will shrink (cotton). If something is a poly/cotton blend or any blend with cotton, it is best to simply hang the garment to ensure it's safe!


Here is the way that I usually fold my shirts. Start by having the back of the shirt facing you:

For things like shorts and skirts, I usually just fold them in half at the waistband (folding vertically) and store them in storage bin that fits under my bed. If you have a drawer for skirts and shorts, you can do this! Some skirts should not be folded and should be hung. Most pants can be both hung and folded (but pants usually take up more space if they're folded)

DO NOT HANG: knit sweaters that are heavy, dresses and shirts made with light knit fabric.

Some knit garments will stretch/sag if you hang them! Be sure the fold these.


If an article of clothing is wrinkled, you can simply iron it (Take precautions with your iron heat settings! Test a small edge whenever you are adjusting heat settings before placing the iron in the center or wrinkled area. Always start from the lowest and work your way up ). A steamer is a safe way to also care for wrinkles for any type of garment. Some irons have a steamer setting available. Fabrics like satins and some chiffon can sometimes pick up water marks, so be extra careful when using a steamer with those fabrics.

A trick that you can do to care for wrinkled garments is to keep it inside the washroom when you take a hot shower (that creates steam)

GHOST GiRL GOODS Care Code System: Product Care Code 1: Basic Care (Washer and dryer friendly.)

Product Care Code 2: Special Care (Machine washable. Hang to dry.)

Product Care Code 3: Delicate Care (Hand wash/spot clean if needed. Air dry)


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