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Kawaii Tribe Session in Canada - July 4th 2020

Sebastian Masuda and GHOST GiRL GOODS have teamed up to bring you the first ever Kawaii Tribe Session! First here in Canada, but next: globally!

What is the Kawaii Tribe Session?

This mini online event will allow the Kawaii Community to connect and discuss various kawaii topics with Sebastian Masuda himself! He hopes to have various talks with communities around the world, first starting off with Canada.

The meeting held on July 4th was through Zoom with assistance from the Kyoto University of Arts. We discussed what kawaii means to everyone, some things we have done during quarantine, showed our outfits, and also brought a pink kawaii item to show to everyone! Here is a screenshot of the whole group with their pink item(s):

...and here is the video stream of the event!

What is "Kawaii Tribe"?

During this time of quarantine, Sebastian Masuda encourages global kawaii fans to share stories, experiences, and photos via the #kawaiitribe campaign, currently happening on mainly on instagram. Every Friday, a question is asked and people are encouraged to answer using the #kawaiitribe hashtag. Check out Sebastian Masuda's instagram for more on this!

What is the point of "Kawaii Tribe"?

Sebastian Masuda works hard to bring together community while spreading powerful messages, using colours to connect feelings and shared interests. His belief is that as we create our own "microcosm", we can connect and accept others around us. During this time of being at home, we can still connect with the world through our love for kawaii.

Here are all of the Friday Questions! (I will continuously update as more come out)