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GHOST GiRL GOODS and HYPER CORE have merged creative brains to bring to you 2 special pieces! We've called this collection HYPER GiRL! A collaborative t-shirt design that features an illustration by Hisacy of HYPER CORE Harajuku and special additional touches by Alexia of GHOST GiRL GOODS. We've also created a beanie design for a subtle and stylish accessory, with both our mascots.

Here's a little backstory to how the collaboration came to be!

I first met Hisacy during my travels to Japan back in 2018. I went into his shop and did a mini interview with him to feature on our blog. (Click here to check out the mini interview with Hisacy.) From there, I also discussed selling some HYPER CORE products in our shop when I returned in 2019! I brought back a small selection of the awesome goodies HYPER CORE offers and they sold quite fast! It seemed like there were some new fans of Hisacy's creations and I was happy to see it. I also threw around the idea of doing a collaboration in the future, and, well, here we are now! It's been such a fun journey meeting new people during my travels and getting to share a creative project with them, especially when it's with someone with such a cool brand! I am very thankful and grateful for this collaboration and I hope you all enjoy it as well! I really feel like Hisacy's art style works really well with GHOST GiRL energy!

My very short Japan trip in 2020 included me grabbing the HYPER CORE x Coco Bubble Tea collaboration!! I went to buy it and the next day before leaving Japan, I returned wearing the shirt to show Hisacy!

Here's a special message from Hisacy about the collaboration!

The pieces in this collaboration are specially made here in Canada. The yarns are spun and the fabric is knit all here in Toronto. The shirts and beanies are all made ethically in factories with welcomed diversity and fair treatment and wages for their employees. GHOST GiRL GOODS is trying to create as many garments as possible here in Canada, to embrace local business and have a closer hand at the product development chain.

The front of the tee features our main illustration, where HYPER GiRL waits for her pal who is late. GHOST GiRL and friends are sneaking about! On the back of the tee, you'll see the text messages HYPER GiRL and her friend exchanged. On the front, the messages say: "Where are you?" , "Im on my way!" , "I'm hungry...." On the back it says: "After lunch, let's go shopping." , "OK! Do you want to go to HYPER CORE?" , "Yes, let's go! I want to buy the new GHOST GiRL GOODS collaboration t-shirt." (The shirt is an advertisement for the shirt hahaha!)

(I did a mini photoshoot with Kyelor while we were at Round1 in Texas!)

Here is our wonderful model Levvy at the A-Kon 2022 fashion show, wearing the tee and beanie! We were so thankful to have him as a model, as 3 of our models had to cancel before the fashion show! He came to the booth to look around, I told him we were prepping for the fashion show, but had few models than anticipated, and then he offered to be the step-in model. He was really a life saver (thank you so much!!)

(Below photos by SaintMone Photography)

Please look forward to more HYPER CORE collaborations in the future!!



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