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HYPERCORE is a shop located around the corner from former Moshi Moshi Box, which can be found when you reach the end of Takeshita Street. Their brand concept is POP, ROCK, CRAZY/CUTE. There are lots of prints with bright colours and there was a recent collaboration with musician HYDE. I visited their shop and spoke with the designer of the brand!

Hisacy - CEO/Designer of HYPERCORE

(I didn't snap a photo of him!)

HYPERCORE opened in 2010. When Hisacy came to Tokyo/Harajuku for the first time, he was very inspired by everything he saw. When he was a teenager, he started to become interested in Harajuku styles and fashion. The inspiration behind the brand in very influenced by J-rock music. HYPERCORE has made guest appearances at various anime conventions in the US, brightening up the stage of the fashion show with funky and fierce styles.

Here are some photos around the shop!


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