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Harajuku Fashion Picnic - Sunday, August 6th 2023

GHOST GiRL GOODS hosted a Harajuku/J-fashion picnic to celebrate the summer, fashionably! The 1st picnic of many more to come in the future, as we would like to make this an annual event!

Huge thank you to our wonderful photographer friend Firemate Photographic for always capturing the best moments at photoshoots and local events!

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(My little home made banner that kept getting tangled in the wind, so we had to tape some parts together LOL)

We teamed up with local caterer Whimsical Twist to create a super special lunchbox for the event (which was an optional purchase) The lunchbox included 3 tasty finger sandwiches, fruits, sugar cookies, and alongside all that yummy goodness were chips, a drink, and special GHOST GiRL GOODS goodies!! (think of it as a kawaii happy meal for all ages!) Many people enjoyed this rainbow lunch with us~

They also brought along a fun Japanese goldfish fishing game that is usually found at festivals! (in this case, we were fishing for different squishy toys)

We had a wonderful turn out of attendees!! Two of which even brought treats to share with the whole group!

Two beautifully made treats! @sugar.nymph is a local baker and cake decorator who recently moved to Toronto from Florida! (which means MORE CUTE CAKES FOR ME!) She created the lovely heart shaped, pastel decorated cake, which was earl grey tea flavoured! You can also order cakes from her too~! @prettyknightlauri is our local resident ouji magical girl who prepared, not only a tasty strawberry tarte, but also many chocolate chip cookies!! GHOST GiRL did a good job at holding back from eating them both. Thank you both for these treats!!

We also did a new product reveal! These very cute hair clips will add a touch of GHOST GIRL energy to any outfit! (They were all lazer cut and assembled by hand locally!) This was the special gift included with everyone's lunchbox. We had a social activity where people could swap hairclips with other picnic attendees!

These will be available for purchase in our web shop later on this month! (if all goes well, we may be able to have some on hand for Anime Magic!)

(A group photo of most of the group, bit still missing a bunch! We just wanted to make sure we snapped one!)

Here is an assortment of photos from the event (taken by myself and Firemate Photographic)

And here are some lovely attendee's outfit snaps!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the picnic and for those who also ordered our special lunch box! We hope you all had a wonderful time and left feeling full of joy and perhaps even some new friends! (A shout out to our friends who helped with set up, distributing food and other items, and clean up!)


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