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GHOST GiRL'S 2019 Year Wrap Up

2019 has been one of the most amazing years of my life, for SURE! This blog is packed with a lot, so I hope you'll take a look at the whole thing! (PLEASE DO NOT MISS MY FINAL MESSAGE AT THE BOTTOM!!!!)

I have never been so grateful to be alive than in this year. A lot of it was due to so many wonderful people who I interact with, whether it be a friend or simply a kind passer-byer at my table at a con/event.

I have been surrounded by so many wonderful people. I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting me. Whether you purchase something, share one of my posts, tell a friend, family, dog, etc. Whether you come say hi at my booth or send me a kind message or note, everything is seen and appreciated with every inch of my heart!!!

Here's a few random photos from this year!

This year's event summary: G-Anime > Had a booth where I sold 6%DOKIDOKI goods for the first time in addition to GGG, MC'd and showcased in the Fashion Show

Tekko > NUEZZZ x GHOST GiRL GOODS collaboration showcase in the Fashion Show, products being sold at the FAKE STAR USA booth

International Fan Fest > Had a booth where I sold NUEZZZ for the first time in addition to 6%DOKIDOKI and GGG, hosted a mini fashion show (which....was pretty empty because ...the timing and nature of the convention LOL), MC'd the Dance Showcase, Judge for IFF Idol Contest.

We Are Speakers Stage #3 > Said a speech about my brand, my inspiration, and shared my story of where I started.

Paradiso > Remote vending

Yeticon > FAVOURITE CON. FAVOURITE EXPERIENCE! Had a booth just selling GGG with special Yeticon merch, JOJO'S BIZARRE RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT, seeing many friends and return customers who are very kind!, participated in the Fashion Show, JUST HAD A WONDERFUL TIME WITH WONDERFUL PEOPLE AROUND ME!

Dear Lolita > Had a booth, participated in the Fashion Show. Attending the guest dinner was the most beneficial experience I've had at a local event!

J-Town Summer Festival

Otakuthon + Japan Festival > NEW GENERATION KAWAII Canadian Tour


I have a full event report in my blog, but I am just so grateful for this tour. Not only did I get to work alongside the person who inspires me so much, Sebastian Masuda, but the amount of happiness I felt, not just within me, but seeing others around me feeling happy, was the most rewarding thing I could ever have. I saw so many smiles, I felt so much joy, there was so much cheer and love! I couldn't have asked for more.

Kei Con > Hosted the Fashion Show, MC'd the Tea Party, had a booth selling HYPER CORE for the first time alongside NUEZZZ, 6%DOKIDOKI and GGG

Over the years, my whole philosophy of my brand has changed and I feel like this year especially, I have been "enlightened" by the GHOST GiRL Gods haha~! This is the message I am carrying with me into the new year!

To me, GHOST GiRL GOODS has evolved into something where I can connect with others. I can share my energy, positivity, and love with others. I can encourage others to be themselves, and help them to find their confidence within. I want people to feel good about themselves, to love themselves, and have no fear.

With GHOST GiRL GOODS, I can connect people with my clothing. To me, each garment is not simply a piece of clothing. It's something I create using my energy. With that, I want the person wearing it to feel my energy. I want them to feel the same way I feel when I go onto the stage and dance, MC, or just be ME!

It doesn't matter your gender, age, or size, the connection you have with clothing is the most special thing! It's your way of saying "This is me" without any rules. It's the most wonderful, playful, and colourful way to showTHE MOST TRUE YOU!

GHOST GiRL GOODS is a business, but it is also the happiest, deepest connection I have with the people around me and even around the world.

If there is one thing you should know about my brand, I want it to be this message coming from my heart.

Thank you 2019!

Let's have an amazing 2020 together!!!!!

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