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Anime Magic! - August 18th - 20th 2023

GHOST GiRL GOODS was invited to be a guest at Anime Magic! 2023 in Chicago! Our friend Mika of Sin City Anime joined as a weekend helper for this convention. (We will even get to see her this November as we return to Sin City Anime!) I really liked the branding of this con, as well as their original characters!! This year's theme was cars and racing, so their original characters were all in cool styled outfits with a specific car behind them. On my special guest pass, I got the cutest girl Himari with the miata!!

Himari (Yellow!), Yuuki (Pink!), And Mizuki (Grey!)

(I believe every year, they get different artists to design the gals)

Before the convention, we got to enjoy dinner with Hard Decora! They weren't able to attend, but I am so glad we got to catch up and enjoy Chicago deep dish pizza together!! Im really glad I finally got to meet Kamilah at Anime St. Louis earlier this year, so I had to make sure I saw her while in her local area! We shared so many stories together and lost track of the time while doing so.

There were a lot of cool things at this convention, like an itasha showcase, yummy food vendors (I LOVED the tacos), a cool games room, ax throwing, and a giant tattoo alley where people can get tattoos at the con!

(LOVED that Marin and Raftalia itasha!!!!)

GHOST GIRL GOODS hosted the fashion show and also MC'd the Cosplay Contest, both happening on Saturday. Throughout the weekend, I kept my eyes peeled for Jojo cosplayers and I was pleasantly surprised at how any there were!

We had a great line up of models for the fashion show (and I believe this might be one of the largest ones held at a convention!) Here are all the looks we had for the show:

(Thank you Mika for the wonderful fashion show footage!)

Right after the fashion show, I got changed into my special GGG Jolyne Cujoh cosplay and headed back to the Grand Ballroom for the cosplay contest. There was a wonderful panel of judges, including Pros and Cons Cosplays, Hoku Props, and Yaya Han. DJ Kohei also had a mini set before the cosplay contest started to make sure everyone was HYPE!! During the intermission while the judges made their decisions, I invited everyone to come on stage and do their best Jojo poses! There was also dancing and reminiscing on old cosplay jokes and dances. It was so much fun and I really hope everyone had a great time!

Here are also many of the wonderful customers who came by to support us during the weekend!: