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Animal Crossing x GHOST GiRL GOODS: QR Codes PART 1

With the new release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I am happy to be able to share more of my brand products to you in new ways: DIGITALLY!!!

Now your Animal Crossing villagers can look just as cool as you rockin' your GHOST GiRL swag!

In this blog post, I will include all the QR Codes for my products that I have brought into the AC world!

*PLEASE NOTE: The game has not progressed far enough for me to get The Able Sister's Shop, so these QR codes are from New Leaf, which is where Ill try to do most of my designing for now!!

The "creator of the design" will be under Atha of Millenia! (Not GHOST GiRL!....didnt have a brand when I started New Leaf haha!)


**You must have the Nook Phone Pro Designer App on your in game phone! You must have the Nintendo Online App downloaded on your real life phone!**

> Open your Nook phone in game to you Pro Designs section

> Open your Nintendo Online app, access Animal Crossing content, and click the "Designs" button.

> Scan the QR codes (4 in total per design)

> Press the "+" button on your switch controller to download the design in Pro Create section.

Pompoji's Kawaii Magic Tee

GHOST GiRL Print Tee


Pompoji's Cotton Candy Skirt (paired with Blue Heart Polkadot Tee, a handmade shirt by me)

MOGHO GiRL'S Tee x NUEZZZ MADOROMi Skirt in Neon Coral and Neon Yellow (click left and right of photo to scroll)