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Toronto Harajuku Walk - August 10th 2019

The Toronto Harajuku Walk returns for another year! Like last year, we met up at Trinity Bellwoods Park, and then began our walk to Graffiti Alley later on! I got straight to it and started to take photos of people's outfits!

This time around, I bought along an activity for people to participate in! Since the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour is NEXT WEEK, I wanted to collect some more messages for the scrapbook I am making for Sebastian Masuda and his team! (I am SO EXCITED that the events are coming up!)

During our time at the park, I was asked to be part of the official event video, where I helped to ask people why they like the style they are wearing / why they like j-fashion in general.

Afterwards, there was a raffle, we took a group photo, and then we started walking to Graffiti Alley.

I made a few stops along the way to look in some cool stores, as well as inform some confused people walking past the group as to what we were doing. To be quite honest, I don't mind talking to people when they are genuinely curious about what we are doing. Thankfully, we didn't have any rude comments made! (From my perspective at least, but I think everyone was ok!)

There are still many people who are curious about what Japanese fashion is, but usually, when I start to mention Japanese fashion, they kind of click in and say "oh I've heard of that!" or simply "Oh I see! Thats cool!" I'm really glad the interactions I had were very positive!

Until next year!

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