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The NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour hits Montreal and Toronto soon!!

Its almost time for the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour!! Are you ready?? Here's all the info you need to know about the awesome events! Be sure to check them all out! (Full list of events located at the bottom of this entry)


This tour is helping to spread kawaii culture to Canadians! For the first time, Sebastian Masuda will visit Montreal and Toronto to give you insight on the history of Japanese street fashion and his involvement in the kawaii movement. Now, the word kawaii is used all around the world and to each, it may have its own special meaning. The title NEW GENERATION KAWAII is emphasizing the evolution of the word and the power it now has to our global community. During this tour, we want you to have your own kawaii experience and find what that word means to you!

Who is Sebastian Masuda?

After active involvement in theater performance and modern art, he opened “6%DOKIDOKI”, a shop with the concept of “Sensational Kawaii” in Harajuku in 1995. Through the world tour titled “Harajuku Kawaii Experience,” which started in 2009, he has been working to spread Harajuku culture on a global scale. He gained worldwide attention for his music video production for “PONPONPON,” a debut single by Japanese pop icon “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.” He has been active as an artist and art director, contextualizing Harajuku Kawaii Culture, for example, by producing a concept restaurant “KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ.” His first solo exhibition “Colorful Rebellion – Seventh Nightmare -” was held in New York in 2014 and has held Kawaii fashion/culture lectures in 2015 and 2018. He is working on a participatory art project called “Time After Time Capsule”, which will debut in 2020.

Info about 6%DOKIDOKI

The brand that brought “kawaii” to Harajuku in 1995, founded by the legendary Sebastian Masuda. Discover the very heart of Harajuku and the essence of “kawaii” culture. Crazy colors, shocking designs - let it all stir your imagination and make your heart pound! 6%DOKIDOKI is one brand that constantly aims above and beyond, with original designs and inventions that challenge the status quo. Kawaii isn’t just fashion. It’s culture. Crazy fun, crazy colors and crazy love will tempt you to reach out for all that is original: accessories and clothing, stage shows and talks, as well as objects, that will stir your imagination and make your heart beat for 6%DOKIDOKI.

We are wishing kawaii anarchy spirits of 6%DOKIDOKI to reach all over the world...♥

We are SO EXCITED to share all these fun activities together with you!

You can find out more info about each event via these links:

Otakuthon (Ticketed event)

August 16th - 18th

Time After Time Capsule Workshop and Event at Japan Foundation (FREE event)

Thursday August 22nd Doors open at 5:15pm / Event starts at 5:45pm

"Kawaii Meets Art and Fashion" Lecture at George Brown College, Casa Loma Campus

(FREE event, open to all, you do not need to be a student)

Friday August 23rd 11:00am - 1:00pm

Japan Festival CANADA (FREE event)

August 24th - 25th

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