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A friend of mine and lovely local, Rae, has created a wonderful brand called SPOOKY SPARKLE PARTY! This brand focuses on providing lolita dresses and other apparel for plus sized cuties! At Dear Lolita, I finally got a chance to ask her some questions! (which I had been meaning to at a few events previously hehe!)

Kat(Left) - SSP Booth Babe

Rae(Right)- Designer of SPOOKY SPARKLE PARTY

Rae started SPOOKY SPARKLE PARTY in 2016. Their first fashion show was the Toronto Harajuku Style fashion party in November 2016. She has been sewing for 30 years, sewing her own lolita dresses and creating some of her own accessories and headpieces. For a while, she couldn't afford brand dresses or couldn't really find pieces that would fit (she would get pieces custom made), Even though she could fit into some, she felt a bit conscious about not fitting and then created her own pieces to ensure they would be exactly how she wanted. If there were things she couldn't find, she would make! Her favourite aspect about designing is creating the illustrations. She also love to hear when her customers and fans thank her for creating garments that bigger cuties can fit into. Cervine Dreams is her original print that she is most proud of.

You'll be able to find SPOOKY SPARKLE PARTY next at Otakuthon, Fan Expo, and a NEW J-Fashion event coming this October called KeiCon (more details will be shared about that event in a later blog entry!)

I snapped some photos of the lovely products found at the SPOOKY SPARKLE PARTY booth!


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