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Kimono Styling Panel at Anime North 2019

At Anime North 2019, I didn't show my own brand anywhere, but I did get to be a model for the Kimono Styling Panel, held on Sunday. It was hosted by mamechiyo modern with make up and hair artistry by Mieko Ueda and her team. This was in collaboration with KIMONO BIJIN. Please scroll to the bottom for links!

I had a REALLY great time! The theme for my look was Kawaii POP! Full of colour and fun accessories, the kimono designer herself, Mamechiyo, carefully arranged a beautiful coord for me, using a lovely furisode kimono (kimono with the long sleeves) and matching obi. (I got to bring my own shoes and accessories, and I just so happen to have the PERFECT match!)

Preparing for the panel took a lot of time, but it was definitely worth it! Not only did I get to wear such a beautiful piece, I got to meet the wonderful team members and one of the lovely interpreters!

Here is one photo with interpreter Fumiko. It was a fateful meeting because our mindsets were so alike!!! A lovely encounter I will not forget! Thank you for the lovely conversation!

We recorded a section of the panel!

This part specifically really inspired me because the designer herself is expressing that she wants to see more people wearing kimono in the way that THEY want! Style it in as many different ways as you like and match with accessories you wouldn't normally match with! I think it's very important for people to hear this because people need to be more open with styles and don't keep such a tight grasp on what you think you know is correct. ANYTHING can work with your personal touch!


We took a group photo with Ueda-san, Mamechiyo, and us three models! The individual on the left side was chosen from the audience to get a random styling! It looked SUPER CUTE!

We also got some group shots with the entire team, as well as everyone who attended the panel!

I got to take a photo with Mamechiyo herself! I even got to hear about how she got so interested in kimono! When she was younger, she loved kimono. However, they were quite expensive. She had worn one that her mother had given to her. At the time, it was hard finding the undergarments you wear under kimono, so she wanted to try and make some herself. She would try to match antique kimono with the time, place, and occasion. From then, she wanted to become a designer to make those things there were missing or that she saw in her own vision! She also wanted to match for the different occasions.

Here are some photos of my full look! (click the arrows to view more photos)

After the panel was done, the photos were taken, and I changed out of the kimono, voice actress Yuriko Yamaguchi (Nico Robin from One Piece to name one of many) wanted to grab a photo with me!! She was very sweet!

Find out more about the guests using these links:


Mieko Ueda


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