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GHOST GiRL Styles: Combined and Colourful - 6%DOKIDOKI x GGG

In general, I really love to coordinate outfits that have bright colours paired with black and white! For this post, I chose a very colourful tee and a black and white tee from my brand to mix along with the very colourful 6%DOKIDOKI goods!

★Look 1☆

This outfit has a super bright combination of colours! The Mango Bubble Tee (collaboration tee with YouAreReadingThis ) is eye catching as it gets paired with the super colourful Neon Spectrum skirt! I added some accents of hot pink to add some great colour pops. Sometimes, people may find yellow to be an intimidating colour to wear. Personally, I love how bright yellow is!! It's a very cheerful colour and can definitely bring happiness!

★Look 2☆

For this outfit, I used the 6%DOKIDOKI Neon Spectrum Zip Skirt and the GGG GHOSTOWN Hooded Tee! I decided to add the Neon Spectrum Fur Clutch Pochette as well! This outfit also previews the new knee high sock that pair perfectly with the GHOSTOWN Hooded Tee!

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