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GHOST GiRL Styles: Kawaii - 6%DOKIDOKI x GGG

Sweet, happy, and lovely energy! Thats what these kawaii looks will bring you~ GHOST GiRL styles her way using 6%DOKIDOKI and GHOST GiRL GOODS! Both these looks can also be used with various tights and accessories~! You can try out many different styles with each look.

♥Look 1♥

A spunky look ready to party! This outfit consists of 6%DOKIDOKI's Babydoll Camisole and Ribbon Hairband, alongside GGG's Pompoji's Cotton Candy Skirt and various accessories (bracelets, necklace, socks)! Using these bright and pastel pieces, you'll definitely pop at any party you plan to go to. This outfit has strong highlight points, giving it an extra "look at me" feel~!

(Shoes from Geox)


♥Look 2♥

A dreamy look using 6%DOKIDOKI's Night Trip Fluffy Skirt and GGG's Pompoji Kawaii Magic Tee and various accessories (rosette, bracelets, socks). The high use of pinks and purples blends together nicely to give you a super cute style!

(Shoes from Winners, Brand REACTION Kenneth Cole)

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