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Vivien Westwood - GET A LIFE! Exhibit - Nov. 2nd - 18th 2018

After the Angelic Pretty Museum wrapped up, Laforet prepared for their new, special exhibit dedicated to British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. This is also in celebration of Laforet's 40th anniversary!

This gallery was called GET A LIFE and it focused on Vivienne Westwood's views on the world: climate change, backwards politics, deforestation, and all to do with efforts to "change the world". She believe in the good of finding yourself, regardless of how small you may be compared to the whole world. Before entering, there were several handmade boxes on display. These were made by Japanese art students and they were for used clothing donations!

As you enter the gallery, there was a large, colourful display, as well as a photo area. We then got a full introduction to the designer herself. (click photos to see larger)

The first section of the exhibit was focused on getting people to think about their lives, asking the grand question "what makes the best life?" Really, we need to see the world and try to understand more art and culture. We should try to gain more knowledge so we can see the world better in our own eyes.

The second part of the exhibit was the Gold Label Autumn/Winter '14-'15 collection dedicated to the cause "Cool Earth", which helps to protect indigenous colonies and help prevent deforestation. Its really great to see that a fashion designer is contributing to a cause under their own benefits and not plastered all over the media as if they're doing it for exposure. (I mean, at least not that I know of)

The centerpiece collection was made with inspirations from Vivienne's trip to Africa. She also displayed a line of bags that was made by workers in Africa, getting paid fairly and working in comfortable conditions!

There was a cube that displayed a t-shirt design for a campaign called "SAVE THE ARCTIC", that helped to spread awareness of giant oil companies potentially destroying the arctic while mining for oil.

Lastly, the final display was the new 2018/2019 collection! Some of the pieces used to create the garments were recycled (either some of them or all of them...It didnt specify!)

Most of the pieces shown in the gallery were using recycled materials. There was also a little interactive campaign to bring a bottle cap that was green, white, or red to recreate the +5 degrees world map! (shown in the photo below) The pamphlets were also made from recycled paper!

After my visit to this gallery, I felt very inspired! I really enjoy seeing different types of displays or galleries that showcase designers or artists perception of the world. I'm glad I got a chance to see this one!

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