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The MIKURO MIKA Experience!

In 2017, I got a chance to work with Japanese singer and songwriter Mikuro Mika, while she lived here in Canada! It was definitely a fun experience! (you can find out more about Mika on her official website)


I became a member of Creator's Lounge Toronto in September/October 2016 and was browsing through the other local creators! I clicked on a very colourful looking video preview, which soon turned into a very upbeat song. I liked what I heard! Weeks later, I visited Uncle Tetsu's Angel Cafe with a friend for their special Christmas performance. Little did I know that the same singer who I just heard a little while back was going to be performing at the cafe! (I knew the song she was singing sounded familiar~!)

After the performance, I approached her and mentioned how I am a part of Creator's Lounge as well. I also mentioned to her that we should collaborate! She agreed with the same excitement I had!

Soon after our brief encounter at the maid cafe, we planned yet another day to meet and chat a bit more. We talked about making her an original costume for her performance at Japan Festival Canada. She had also mentioned that she was looking for some background dancers for her Anime North performance, as well as Japan Fest! (and since I love dancing, I obviously mentioned such!!)

Our meeting ended with some successful results! I would create a lovely costume for her and also get a chance to dance for her!

Here's some photos of her costume!

Design meetings, costume fitting, lots of dance practices, and finally, the performances rolled around! Anime North and then Japan Festival. Both went very smoothly and they were so much fun! At Anime North, I performed back up dancing for her song HITORI. At Japan Festival, I danced POP, STEP, JUMP! as well as HITORI again~

Here are some photos from Japan Festival!

More recently, January 2020, Mika used GHOST GiRL GOODS products in one of her music videos!

It was great being able to work with Mika! I hope to keep in touch with her even though she has returned to Japan! Please be sure to check out her website and music as well~!

Mikuro Mika / ミクロミカ SNS

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