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Kawaii.i Personal Style Contest and Updates!

So, Kawaii International is holding a contest to choose a Kawaii Leader, as well as give away some fashion related goodies! I entered the contest with the following photo, in hopes that my message for sharing kawaii energy will be heard!

Sometimes, people have a hard time coming out of their shell. Maybe some people are shy, or just dont have the strength to walk up in front of many people. Sometimes, people are afraid to wear certain things because they are going to be judged. Sometimes, we have the confidence to do what we want, then someone says something to us, or you can sense someone talking about you and it kind of brings you down.

Well, GHOST GiRL wants to show the world that confidence will bring you a long way! It will bring you a lot of happiness and it can push you to do absolutely anything you want! GHOST GiRL wants to help you find the confidence that's buried within so that your like can real another level of happy!

ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU LOVE! Always follow your heart because you're the one thats going to make things happen in your life!!

If you believe in me and my message, I hope you can send me a vote (please use the link below!)

I chose to enter this photo because this was a moment when I felt so confident about myself and my creations! It was at Japan Festival Canada, back in August. Fashion shows are the one place where I can bring everything I love into the light! Dancing, my creative garments, music, my friends! I plan out fashion shows so that everyone involved can have a fun time!

Regardless of this contest, I will always share my energy in hopes to spread confidence and happiness to everyone!!!



So like I said in the previous entry, I've got some new products on the way! 1 will be added this weekend, the others will be released in December/January! A couple small items, some new bubble tees, and two new cozy garments!!

I wont have anymore events for this year, so right now, I'm just getting prepped for G-Anime in January! It was my first convention selling at this year and I had a good time! I'm looking forward to it again~! Itll actually be GHOST GiRL's 1 year anniversary in January as well!! :) PHEW! Its been such a great start! Ill be making a very long post about that when the time comes haha~

DECEMBER IS ALSO AROUND THE CORNER, WHICH MEANS CHRISTMAS!! I love holiday season! I think lots of people don't enjoy it because maybe they work a retail job or something that involves dealing with those crazy people, but I hope everyone will enjoy this year!

Welp, thats all for now~!

Stay tuned for awesome stuff!!

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