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September Updates + Post-Japan Festival

Well, I dont have any more events coming up! Hopefully one will pop up for me to attend~!

It's been a BUSY year so far. I prepared for many events and felt that all of them went very smooth! Im happy with the outcome of them all.


Japan Festival was SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks to the Kawaii Bass team, I was able to show my new POMPOMPOMPOJI collection! If any of you were there, this is the awesome song that I had playing during my runway! (This artist ORESAMA has some AWESOME SONGS!) Figured I'd share it because its so great~!

The day itself was very busy for me. It was constant GO GO GO!! Meeting Mika in the morning for rehearsal, then meeting with my models, dressing and make up, returning to the venue, fashion show, dancing for Mika, and then video recording for the whole rest of the evening!!! I was SO POOPED!!! But, it was all great :)


I've been working really hard all year and, to be quite honest, I'm really proud of myself. I started kicking things into full gear for GHOST GiRL in January and I'm really happy with how its starting to grow. I manage GHOST GiRL GOODS all by myself, from designing to social media to creating my website, etc, etc! Im happy to have help whenever I receive it and I'm so thankful to have many friends who support me~ This year was my first time selling at an anime con and...I ended up selling at 4!! (1 which was just displaying my products at Nakama-The's table at Otakuthon) I've gotten lots of positive feedback from people and....well, it just feels real good to see people wearing your products ^^

I've got many visions for my brand and I really want to see it continue to grow~! I want to continue to provide people with affordable, kawaii/cool goods and I'll definitely continue to sell at conventions because I really love connecting with people and chatting with potential customers/con goers/other artists! I've made some great connections this year and I hope that...the little fashion community continues to grow. I want to help others achieve great things to and support fellow artists/clothing artists so we can spread the Kawaii Culture!!!

I hope I can continue to make people happy with my products and spread lots of fun, happy energy~!! I am truly thankful for all the support I have~! <3

Thanks for reading!!

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