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Yeticon x GHOST GiRL GOODS - New Yeti Friend!

A new Yeti friend has joined the Yeticon family, thanks to GHOST GiRL GOODS!

What is Yeticon?

Yeticon is an annual convention held at Blue Mountain during summery month of June. Its the perfect party, pool, and fun con to have a mini getaway to! Filled with fabulous guests and events, Yeticon is definitely Ontario's best party con. Be sure to visit their website!

GHOST GiRL GOODS has been collaborating with Yeticon since 2018, creating a rendition of their lovable mascots in GHOST GiRL style and attitude! We have created a special line of collaboration goods, such as t-shirts, tank tops, enamel pins, and stickers. We will continue to work alongside Yeticon for as long as the Yeti's like!

MEET SUNSQUATCH! (Sunny for short!)

(The winner of our naming contest, @reisuya on instagram)

This year, we present our newest collaboration, presenting you a new friend that will join the fun. She will represent both Yeticon and GHOST GiRL GOODS activity!

Here's her story:

Yeti and Sasquatch were working very hard to try and make Yeticon 2020 possible. They sent out postcards to nearing mountains across Ontario in hopes that they could get some help. Unfortunately the task was too large for them, especially given the pandemic they were facing. The 2 friends tried their best and would think of ways to make it bigger for 2021.

On June 19th 2020, the day Yeticon would have been, they looked down from their mountain home at Blue Mountain village, not a single cosplayer to be seen. Suddenly, they noticed a small....creature....running about the village. They went down the mountain to check out what this thing was and was a small yeti! She had their postcard in hand, hoping she would be able to help make Yeticon 2020 happen! She introduced herself: "I'm Sunsquatch, but you can call me Sunny for short!" Sunsquatch traveled all the way from Canada's Wonderland "Wonder Mountain" by foot. Yeti and Sasquatch explained the situation to her. She agreed to join their team to help make Yeticon 2021 the best year YET!

Wonder Mountain...Yeti and Sasquatch had never heard of this place before. Their new friend explained it was an iconic landmark in Canada's Wonderland, and, during the night time, she would sneak into the water park to play! Sunsquatch figured that, at Yeticon, she would be able to enjoy the pool in good company instead of her usual nightly sneak around. The both of them explained that anyone can have a good time at Yeticon, no matter what!

Her favourite activities are swimming and hanging out by the pool, as well as enjoying fruity drinks, perhaps with alcohol. But don't worry, she is old enough!

Please join Yeti, Sasquatch, and Sunsquatch at Yeticon 2021 for a wonderful weekend of fun!


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