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World Lolita Collection ブリデコ 2020 Fashion Show Coverage - Feb. 2nd 2020

This blog post is to highlight the World Lolita Collection fashion show that took place Feb. 2nd 2020.

Please take a look at my full event coverage in this blog post.

During the fashion show, there were 4 sections: New Generation Fashion, World Lolita, Japan Lolita, and Triple*Fortune. GHOST GiRL GOODS ended off the New Generation Fashion section with a BANG! Prior to the event, I had submitted my song of choice to the organizers for which song I wanted to play during my section. They ended up using this song for the whole New Generation Fashion section which was great!! (FUSION by Perfume) I also used this song in my Kei Con Fashion Show section, which you can view the video here. I just love that song a LOT!

You can also see a video of the New Generation Fashion section here! (There are 4 parts of the video)

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*All the photos used in this blog entry were taken by the official event photographer ブリデコ 2020 / BuriDeco World Lolita Collection 2020. Videos in links were taken by the official event videographer.* Official Website

Here are the GHOST GiRL GOODS collection photos!

My theme was tying each look together with pink!

Here are some other photos from the New Generation Fashion section (including APOLIA, Miss Danger, Lady Sloth, Vierge Vampur, and more), as well as some Japanese street wear brands, LISTEN FLAVOR and bio.polotics.