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Valentine's Pop-Up at Wonder Bubble Tea - Sunday Feb. 12th 2023

GHOST GiRL GOODS and Wonder Bubble Tea Vaughan will host various pop-up events throughout 2023!

We held our first event just in time for Valentine's Day!

Wonder Bubble Tea

9699 Jane St, Maple, ON L6A 0A4, Canada

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My personal favourite part of doing collaborations with Wonder Bubble Tea is creating special flavour combinations for the menu! We had 3 special drinks prepared for this event, with strawberry being the featured flavour. My most favourite out of all the drinks was Sweet Soulmates

(Strawberry Milk Tea with Chocolate Ice Cream and Tapioca! Yummy~)

Wonder Bubble Tea also had a small selection of Japanese chocolates! They decorated the front a bit too~ We also created a special cup sleeve for people to put on their cup and take home to commemorate the event! With every drink purchase, you also got a free sticker designed to match the flavours of the drinks.

And here are some photos we took~! Thank you to everyone who came out~!

We always appreciate everyone who comes out to support~!

For the first time, we brought along all the GHOST GiRL friends plushies, so that people could take photos with! We plan to bring them along with us to conventions and other events, so be sure to snap your picks and give them love! Myabe one day we'll be able to have them available for purchase! Here they all are with the raffle prizes.

At the end of the event, we did our raffle and did the live raffle on our instagram story! Here are the winning tickets and their prizes~!

We can't wait until our next event! We actually have the theme for it already, but won't reveal anything just yet. Check out our instagram and dont forget to also follow Wonder Bubble Tea too! We'll post updates for the next event~!

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