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GHOST GiRL and friends return to Wonder Bubble Tea throughout 2023!

GHOST GiRL GOODS will be teaming up with our friends at Wonder Bubble Tea to hose various pop-up events throughout 2023!

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At these events, you'll find tasty drinks co-created by the GGG team and Wonder Bubble Tea, as well as items designed by GHOST GIRL GOODS to commemorate the event. (If you didnt get a chance to attended our first pop-up at Wonder Bubble Tea, we did a collection launch called Tiny Friends! You can take a look at the event coverage in this blog post!)

Our first event for 2023 will be for the loveliest time of year: Valentine's Day! A day themed around chocolate and pink and red and love! Some people don't like valentine's day for their personal reasons, but its a day specifically to make sure to tell the people you care about that you love them! (but don't just save that for Valentines! Make sure you tell your loved ones you appreciate and care for them any chance you can!)

I love Valentine's Day for the aesthetics~! The themes and colours and I also love love!

The event will take place the Sunday before Valentine's Day. (Sun. Feb. 12th, from 2:00pm - 6:00pm) Bring your friend, bring a loved one, bring someone you care about! Lets celebrate our love and care! We highly recommend you wear pink or red, something with hearts, or something that symbolizes Valentines! If you don't really know or don't have anything, how about wearing your most favourite outfit or something that you feel confident or stylish wearing?

Our event will feature 3 different drinks, each a combination of flavours that work harmoniously with each other.

Sweet Soulmates

Chocolate is one of the most common items related to Valentine's day. Do you ever think about chocolate covered strawberries? We sure do! This sweet treat is recreated as one of our drinks using strawberry milk tea and chocolate ice cream. The combination of the two are truly a match made in heaven or, as the drink name implies, soulmates!

Love Token

Sometimes, people show a sign of affection by giving a bouquet of different flowers. In western culture, a bouquet of red roses is a very common symbol of love. But in Chinese culture, the osmanthus flower is a symbol of true love and faithfulness and the jasmin flower is a symbol of forever love and purity. Together, these two flowers create a refreshing and fragrant flavour found in our green tea combination. This "love token" is the perfect drink to show someone you care, but perhaps want a drink that is lighter and less sweet.

(We recommend this drink with no toppings and good either hot or cold!)

Hokkaido Lovers

Imagine two people traveling to Hokkaido for a special date. A relationship is finding a good balance between 2 people. With this drink, you'll find the slight bitterness of Hokkaido milk tea evens out with the sweetness of the strawberry ice cream. When the drink is served to you, the ice cream is at the bottom of the cup. But it floats to the top, so you'll end up with your drink looking like a mountaintop in Hokkaido (snow capped!)

With every drink you purchase, you will receive a FREE cup sleeve, and sticker of one of our GGG friends themed around one of the flavours!

Alongside your free goodies with purchase, you'll be entered into a raffle for a chance to win great prizes! A pair of tickets to Candlelight Concerts, a FRÉ Natural Beauty Kit, OOMOMO gift card, or a set of Pompoji and Dako socks! When you purchase 1 drink, you will receive 1 ticket. But if you purchase 2 drinks, you will get 3 tickets! (The raffle will happen during the event hours only.)


And a final note! If you come out to all the events we will be hosting throughout the year (we are aiming to have 3-4 events), you will be entered for a FINAL RAFFLE and will win a BIG PRIZE! (TBD) More details to come.




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