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Toronto Comic Con - March 18th - 20th 2022

GHOST GiRL GOODS had their first booth of 2022!!

March Toronto Comic Con (also known as MTCC, sometimes known as MTAC for those who are in the know haha!) was held on March 18th - 20th 2022 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This con is more specifically geared towards comics, sci-fi, TV shows, and not so much about anime. (However, this year, they did have the English voice actors for Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask!). GHOST GiRL GOODS has never appeared at Toronto Comic Con, so it was exciting for us to meet new faces! Our awesome friends at Morbid Prince Art allowed us to split a booth space with them. They are awesome and also draw amazing anime and game characters!! Be sure to check out their art! Our booth display featured a whole backdrop of their posters.

Morbid Prince Art

DeviantArt / Instagram

Thursday evening, we went to the convention center to set up the booth space! It was so cool finally being back at a local event venue and the excitement built up, knowing the halls would be CROWDED with people the next day (at the same time, we also hoped everyone would be safe and still wear their mask! We both had never been to Toronto Comic Con before, but we have been to Fan Expo, which is just a bigger version of this haha! Here is a photo of Kyelor and I after we finished setting up the base for our space.

Each morning, GHOST GiRL begged us for Tim Hortons. So we had to stop. (She needed her hot chocolate to get through the day!) On one day, the grease stain on the bag looked like a bunny!

Throughout the weekend, we managed to grab some customer snaps! (I wish we could get one of ALL our customers, but sometimes we forgot haha! Or out of the respect for the customer, they did not want a photo, which was totally OK!! (They are appreciated in the same way.) Here are some of our awesome customers, click for a larger view: (if you see yourself, thanks for coming by!! )

Kyelor and I had fun interacting with everyone who passed by. We occasionally took a stroll around the dealers room and grabbed ourselves some goodies. Kyelor got some Initial D stuff (which we've found quite difficult to find at many cons!) and I bought myself a mini Hamtaro plush dressed like Godzilla from The Littlest Gift Boutique! They always have adorable plushies and little trinkets. While we were gone, GHOST GIRL helped to watch and make sure she could serve our customers and friends!

Will we be at MTCC in 2023? We aren't sure just yet, so just keep following along our journey and find out! We make the most announcements on our Instagram, so come follow us @ghostgirlgoods for all the news. We also have a TikTok! Be sure to follow us there for random silly videos and fun fashion ones too, which we will try to upload as much as we can~! You can find us @ghostgirlgoods .
We will be at a few more local cons/events in 2022!! Yeticon, Anime North, and Japan Festival to name a few at the moment! Will you be attending any of those events?

And GHOST GiRL goes off into the sunset after a successful con weekend.

We hope to see you again!


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