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The Alley x SPYxFAMILY CODE: White Collaboration

I continue my bubble tea adventures whenever I find some local collaborations! Seems like The Alley has now caught on that collabs bring lots of people in, especially when they are anime themed!! I'm not sponsored by these bubble tea shops in any way. (I just like to report on cute collabs) But hey! Maybe they wanna do something with GGG in the future haha!! This time around, the Alley had a collab with the SPYxFAMILY movie CODE: White.

SPYxFAMILY CODE:White hit's The Alley locations across Canada!

I only watched most of the first season of SPYxFAMILY, which I hope to finish and continue! But I have been a very busy bee. This is also the tail end of the collaboration, so it will be coming to an end soon! This is now the 3rd anime collab that The Alley Canada has done, with Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and an honourable mention to the Pompompurin collab as well!

Some friends of mine were visiting from Las Vegas, the home of the amazing con called Sin City Anime! Hahaha~! I know they really love SPYxFAMILY, so I wanted to bring them while they were here! Here is cute Anya that welcomes you before you come inside!

There were 2 waves of drinks. Yor and Loid's themed drinks came firs and Anya's came afterwards. There was also merchandise that was released as well.

You get a cup sleeve with every drink, which also has a pull and reveal sticker to have a chance to win a prize or a deal (or...nothing LOL) I was lucky and won a sticker sheet on my latest drink!

I really enjoyed Anya's Strawberry Cocoa, and only had a sip of the other 2 drinks. The Thorn Princess's Berries Frappe was more like a berry soda and was very sweet! It seemed a little too sweet for me (and it was topped with cheese foam . . . icky LOL) The Twilight Passionfruit Orange was very good and refreshing. I am just more of a creamy drink person so I went for the one with chocolate on it haha!

Anya's Strawberries Cocoa!

The sweet and sour strawberry milk frappe complements the rich and bittersweet cocoa milk foam, you can taste different layers of flavors in every bite

Twilight’s Passionfruit Orange

The appearance of the yellow-orange drink is as charming as Loid's blonde hair, and the slight bubbles symbolize those challenging tasks. Does the refreshing, sour and sweet passionfruit orange remind you of the gentle warmth of Loid?

Thorn Princess's Berry Frappe

As a killer, Yor needs to maintain an air of mystery and composure at all times to carry out covert missions. Therefore, the wine-red color symbolizes blood, and Yor's captivating beauty as the rose similarly does. Finally, topping it with white milk foam represents Yor's signature white headband.

This collab did not have as much in-store decorations as the Pompompurin one. (Actually, neither did the Jujutsu Kaisen one.) Instead, they just have standees of the characters for photo ops. In this case, the whole Forger family was there to greet you!

This campaign had started around the beginning of May and will last until the end of June. So if you like SPYxFAMILY and watched the movie, or plan to, you should definitely pass by and try these drinks out!

My friends decided to pick up some of the merchandise they offered. A tote bag, button set, and collectable cards. There was a really cute bag that was the perfect size to put a drink in! It was tempting, but I didn't end up getting it. (Photo on right)

At this time around I am not able to give my top professional drink critique because I only had 1 out of the 3 options. So sorry everyone, I know you looked forward to it LOL

If you are in Canada, be sure to check out the nearest The Alley location to you so you can grab yourself one of these tasty drinks and maybe some merch too! I wonder what collaboration they would do next. If they were somehow able to in some way make a My Dress Up Darling collaboration, I would SCREAM!!!

(I know that's unlikely to happen, BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM!)

For more info on this collaboration, you can follow The Alley social medias: Instagram


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