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The Alley x Pompompurin Collaboration

If you've seen my previously made blog posts, you'll know I am a sucker for collab cafes (especially during my travels to Japan.....since we don't really get much collaboration events here in Ontario.) You can check out my "Journal" category in our blog to see the other cool collab cafes/events I've reported on!

Pompompurin Carnival hit's The Alley locations across Canada!

We have started getting cool collaborations lately at The Alley in Canada, with the first being Chainsaw Man (which I didn't get a chance to try) and now Sanrio's super cute, beret wearing friend, Pompompurin! Of course, I had to make sure I tried it before it's too late!

The collaborative drinks and goodies released Thursday July 20th (with more to come in August!)

We went to The Alley located at our favourite bubble tea plaza called Commerce Gate. (For those who don't know, this plaza has like 9 different bubble tea shops!!) They had many cute little decorations around the shop!

The first wave of drinks released were a peach and a mango tea! They were both SO GOOD, but I personally loved the peach one more. With each drink, you get a free postcard and a straw sleeve. They also offered an adorable plush cup sleeve and mini cooler bag. (I got the cup sleeve!)

Each drink was topped off with cream and brown sugar shaped Popompurin!

Mango Frappe

Jasmine green tea with mango, comes with green tea jelly and mango puree, topped with snow velvet and brown sugar.

Peach Frappe

Peach oolong tea with peach, comes with green tea jelly and peach puree, topped with snow velvet and brown sugar.

In August, they released 1 new flavour of drink (Yogurt Pudding Frappe) and 2 new merch items (coaster set and clip set). I absolutely LOVED the drink, it's exactly what you think a Pompompurin drink wolud taste like! It also included a free straw topper and a postcard with different artwork from the first release!

Yogurt Pudding Frappe

A creamy yogurt pudding drink, topped with a layer of cocoa milk foam

The Alley location at Commerce Gate had sold out of the coaster set by the time we were able to try it, so we called around and found them at another location! The merchandise has been selling out, so act fast if you want any items!!

If I had to rate the drinks in order, it would be as followed: (of course, they were all tasty! Im no professional food critique haha)

1 - Peach Frappe - Sweet and soft flavour of peach, which was very refreshing. The jelly and peach was a tasty addition for the toppings.

2 - Yogurt Pudding Frappe - I love creamy drinks and the flavour of pudding so I couldn't ask for more! (However, I think if I didnt try to mix the chocolate in too too much, I could have savoured the pudding flavour more)

3 - Mango Frappe - Just because I thought this was a little more sour than the mellow flavour of the peach. But still very refreshing!

If you are in Canada, be sure to check out the nearest The Alley location to you so you can grab yourself one of these cute and tasty drinks!

For more info on this collaboration, you can follow The Alley social medias: Instagram


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