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Myself, Holly (@halican_drops), and LovelyLor (@lovelylor) have teamed together with a local dance wear company to bring you: Cream and Sugar Lolita!

We have created a small brand for Canadian made, size inclusive petticoats and bloomers, to add those finishing touches to everyone's lolita outfits! Just like a cup of tea, you can add as much cream and sugar as you'd like! Like your lolita looks, you can add as much poof and layers!

With the events of 2020, this family owned, local Toronto dance wear company has put their operations to a halt. The owner, Maria, wants to keep her 25+-year-long-running business afloat and has joined our team, providing us with a caring and well operated workplace to create these lovely pieces. I wanted to get involved in a project that helps Canadian lolitas (and worldwide!) not only have access to these garments easier, but also help a business who cares very much about what they specialize in.

(and to also add, this is the company I work for! So Im also helping my workplace stay afloat!)


Maria - oversees operations, providing the workplace for the project, assisting with purchasing materials

GHOST GiRL - pattern drafting and garment planning, some cutting and sewing, graphics

Holly - some cutting and sewing, Etsy/Shopify shop operations

LovelyLor - creating a promotional video for the project

There will also be 2 other employee who will help with sewing the pieces!


LovelyLor has created this video to give you an insider look on the project and an interview with Maria, myself, and Holly!


*We have relocated our shop to a Shopify!! Check the link above! **If you ordered through our Etsy, don't worry!! Your order will still be processed!

We are offering 2 styles of petticoats: one longer, with less poof, and one shorter with more poof. The shorter is perfect for sweet lolita, while the longer is great for gothic and classic. Our bloomers come in 2 sizes and are made with 100% cotton. They run in size Small to 3XL.

We are also on instagram! @creamandsugarlolita

We hope that you will help to support this local business and help spread happiness about all things frilly!


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