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Sanrio Dim Sum by Whimsical Twist! - Saturday Nov. 26th 2022

We've wrapped up all our events for the 2022 year, so now its time to relax a little bit before the holiday season (and until we hold our MEGA END OF YEAR SALE!)

Whimsical Twist has been hosting various themed cafe's and afternoon teas, and this time, we were lucky enough to have a chance to check out their Sanrio Dim Sum pop-up!! We love Sanrio and dim sum, so this was practically a match made in heaven! This tasty pop-up event was held at Kitsune Friar in Markham. We will definitely have to check our their regular menu offerings another day, since they sounds so yummy!

Whimsical Twist

Kitsune Friar

Previous to the Sanrio dim sum, they've hosted themed cafe events and food offerings like Jujutsu Kaisen, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, and Pokemon. They have a few more lined up like SpyxFamily and Final Fantasy!

When we arrived, we got some drinks (Blueberry Lemon Sparkling Tea! It was pretty good)

The dim-sum came in waves as there were many people to serve, so I couldn't get 1 big shot of everything. But that's ok! Whimsical Twist even made some custom printed chopsticks for the event.

The selection of food started with sui mai with a small My Melody edible print on the top. We then received some sweet treats, including Pompom Purin mango pudding with condensed milk and Cinnimoroll egg tarts. Both super yummy! Kerropi BBQ pork steamed buns and a Little Twin Stars Rice roll was up next. One of my favourite dim sum items is steamed BBQ pork bun! Pochacco chicken dumplings, Gudetama salted egg yolk tarts, mini congee, and Hello Kitty har gow all arrived and went straight to our tummies. All these items were hand made by Whimsycal Twist, including Hello Kitty's little rice dough bow! They were very tasty and high quality. I would definitely recommend a themed cafe from Whimsical Twist to everyone.

You can take a look at all the yummy goodness we got~

There were even some local vendors selling their goods at the event too! I couldn't get a photo of each of them separately, as there was a time limit to the event. But I managed to snap a photo of the super cute handmade macarons that someone was selling!

Hopefully they'll hold another event soon! Be sure to check out the Whimsical Twist website and instagram page for updates and new events. Until then . . .



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